Let’s meet Kenntron, the candidate for President of Mars

Let’s meet Kenntron, the candidate for President of Mars

Kenton - president of mars

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Kenntron : I am Kenntron. I am candidate for President of Mars. I am phantom of the Green Party.

Pro Media Mag : Any specific reason / inspiration behind campaigning for President of Mars?
Kenntron : It is a calling. My career as an animator was heading in the direction of Mars colonization, and you can see it in my cartoons with Cliff Dogg and Dago. Next thing you know 2016 happens, suddenly I am activated as a political figure with the Green Party.

In my life’s experience I have collected the knowledge to execute wisdom as I see fit, and I am a greater fit for President of Mars than I would be Chairman of the Ohio Green Party.

Pro Media Mag : What makes you perfect candidate for this designation?
Kenntron : I have business on Mars.

Pro Media Mag : What about the flying cars?
Kenntron : I am so glad you ask this.

It is of my top priorities campaigning to deliver to the world flying cars.

I am not referring to the bulky winged cars that double as airplanes. Those are wack.

My promise to the world, as President, is zesty flying cars that are the likes of which we imagined for the 21st century. My flying cars can levitate. My flying cars are the type we’d seen in science fiction and have been waiting all of our lives for.

Would you like to get behind the wheel of my flying car? Get behind my campaign for President of Mars in 2020. Mars has to have flying cars.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your working experience as Chairman of Summit County?
Kenntron : Oversees, the Green Party thrives, and countries like New Zealand or Iceland elect Greens to their highest offices.

In America, there hasn’t yet been a Green elected to any major office, that is how I’ll describe my experience as Chairman of Summit County Green Party.

The foundation of the Green Party is world peace. World Peace is what the 4 Pillars were for.

In America, Congress holds the power of war, if I were still Chairman in 2020, Summit County and Ohio Green Party entirely would be focused on electing Greens to Congress only. Forget the School Board, City Council, Gubernatorial, or any other offices that candidates alone can campaign for without consuming Central Committee resources, the State Central Committees only duty would be electing Greens to Congress.

They chase the election perks set by the 2 party electorate instead, in America.

Pro Media Mag : Can you share info on ‘landing a colony of bees on Mars’ with readers?
Kenntron : We want to save the bees by yeeting a colony to Mars in 2022. #YeetTheBees

Pro Media Mag : Our readers would like to know about your facebook page. How it’s helping your campaign?
Kenntron : We have a group page with 100+ members supporting my campaign for President of Mars.

My Secretary Of Quantum Internet, Ashley Schrekengost, launched that and it is the epicenter of my campaign now.

Hopefully, we’ll see 3 million supporters by November 2020.

Check it out, Kenntron For President Of Mars 2020 https://www.facebook.com/groups/238275610565240/

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