Best ways to take care of your hair

Best ways to take care of your hair

We would all like to have neatly groomed hair, which goes a long way in boosting our confidence. While maintaining hair in perfect condition seems a daunting task to some, the truth is that hair care is not that complex. It takes simple steps such as maintaining good hygiene and a healthy diet. Below is a list of the best ways to take care of your hair.

  1. Washing your hair

One of the unanswered questions when it comes to hair care is how often should one wash his or her hair. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question, but experts agree that washing your hair two or three times each week is good for your hair as opposed to washing it on a daily basis. Washing your hair regularly deprives the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and may be easily damaged.

  1. Use best Shampoos.

There are many shampoo products in the market, but experts recommend that you utilize shampoo that does not have components of parabens or sulfates. These components are used to preserve the products, but they have been found to cause skin irritation. One of the best shampoos in the market is the Shapiro MD. It is highly effective for various hair types as research shows that it helps to stimulate hair growth, strengthens hair and to repair hair. Read Andrea’s review on Shapiro MD here for more details about its benefits and how it works. It is also important to note that as you apply the shampoo target the scalp as opposed to the ends for better results. Also, be sure to massage your scalp as you apply the shampoo to enhance the circulation of blood as this will help to detoxify the scalp.

  1. Drying your hair

It is advisable to allow your hair to dry naturally after washing it. For quicker results, use a cotton T-shirt to wrap your hair instead of a towel given that most towels are made of rough fabric which can easily damage your hair. Hair dryers are not good because the heat generated by blow dryers often leads to hair damage. However, if you would like to use a hair dryer, it is advisable to maintain low temperatures and use it once or twice a week. After drying your hair, you can go ahead and apply a hair conditioner. Be keen to use a hair conditioner that matches your hair type.

  1. Brushing your hair

For healthy hair and a good look, you need to brush your hair regularly but do it gently. To achieve shiny and straight hair, it is recommended that you brush your hair in the morning and before retiring to bed. When you brush your hair, you trigger the follicles, which in turn stimulate growth. Aggressive and too much brushing is counterproductive, and therefore you should avoid it.As you might have realized, maintaining healthy hair involves a combination of many aspects. In this regard, you need to watch what you eat coupled with a healthy lifestyle free of excessive stress. A healthy diet will ensure supply of vital vitamins to the body, leading to healthy hair because hair is made of proteins. Too much stress may also lead to hair loss which is why it is equally important to overcome it.


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