5 Common Tarot Card Spreads and Their Uses

5 Common Tarot Card Spreads and Their Uses

When talking about tarot spreads, it generally refers to the manner in which a tarot card reader place or rather lays the cards on the table and then interprets them to the querent. Additionally, tarot is all about your intuitions and importantly tarot cards can help you in hearing your inner voice and embrace its message. Over the years many tarot card spreads have been developed and much more are still being made. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at the five major and popular tarot spread.

  1. The “Celtic Cross”

It is grouped amongst the complex spread though it is equally very useful evidenced by its use for many ages now. It has a total of ten cards, each having its own symbolic meaning. You can read it differently based on what combination is available. Interestingly, its interpretation points to both what the client imagines and what makes out the reality.

  1. The “success” spread

It’s handy when you are facing a challenge or circumstance in life and you need to approach it with a lot of wisdom. It offers you not only a better understanding of this challenge but also the possible solution in whichever form, to face your circumstance, or depending on the situation to prevail. It has only five cards, the first one represents the main challenge, card 2 your other present challenges, card three, the things which contribute to making you have your current challenges, card four, the various things that can help you improve presented in different forms and finally card five, the possible thing which points out what you should do to be successful.

  1. The “true love” spread

It is one spread that would not miss appearing as social relationships form a part and parcel of human life. This one will give you a general overview of the type of connection you have with your partner in all angles of life. Additionally, the spread has a total of six cards and importantly each and every card is unique from the other. The six cards include:1. You and your current feelings towards your partner.2. Your partner and what he currently feels about you.3. The common things you share with your partner.4. The strong bond you have with your partner.5. The limitation of your relationship.6. Is the determinant of whether your love relation will work.

  1. The “Three Card” Spread

This one of the simplest card to use and the good thing about it is that you can use it for just any situation if you want answers urgently.It is one card which you can use if you want to achieve different aims. There are very many ways in which you can use it depending on your preference and need.This is just one of the ways to use it among different other ways:1. Past or present or future.2. Your drawbacks and advantages3. Present circumstances.4. Attitude5. Your relationship6. Strong and weak points7. Mind, body, and spirit

  1. “Spiritual Guidance” spread

Having a total of eight cards, it is another spread that would not miss in this list as it affects your daily living. Similar to the success spread, it is used when you want direction in a particular circumstance, particularly of a spiritual character. It can ensure your constant spiritual development through the various gems of wisdom it offers.

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