Are you Interested in 1980’s Vintage T-shirts ?

Are you Interested in 1980’s Vintage T-shirts ?

If you are one of those who are interested in vintage T-shirts then we got something nice and cool from 1980’s style to share with you. With this tshirt on you will have a feel of 1980’s. Made from quality fabric and printed with care and neatness.  You wont regret buying one for yourself or to gift someone you love.


These are made in USA but you can order from anywhere. Yes they do ship worldwide. Delivery time may differ from country to country but one thing you can get assured, wherever you live, sooner or later you will get your PENTHOUSE T-shirt at your doorstep.

Another thing I would like to mention is, these are unisex tshirts. Male of female it can suit on anyone who wears it. But I would suggest to order 1 size up for oversize fit. As it was a style in 1980’s.


Oh what, are you still thinking? Don’t waste time these are limited edition t-shirts. You can get the iconic 1980’s Vintage PENTHOUSE T-shirt at:

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