An Interview With Felipe Kamey, ‘that one guy with glasses’

An Interview With Felipe Kamey, ‘that one guy with glasses’

We recently interviewed Felipe Kamey who goes by internet person “that one guy with glasses“.

Felipe Kamey

Pro Media Mag : In what words you will describe your personality ?
Felipe Kamey : I would say that I try my best to be as hard working as possible. I love to make people laugh, so I try to make the best out of everyday, even if it hasn’t gone so well.
Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this field?
Felipe Kamey : My journey actually started a long time ago when I was just bored of Facebook. I started my first page in early 2011 just to post funny memes and content I thought people would enjoy. Later on I thought about making a better page. One I could work on and really enjoy. A friend of mine was starting to make a website of his own and he inspired me to do the same. He saw the potential I had and encouraged me to write.
Pro Media Mag : “That one guy with glasses” is definitely something that hit the social media? When it did clicked your mind? Any inspiration or incident?
Felipe Kamey : The story behind the name of my blog is actually an accident. For a while I was stuck without a name for my page. Seeing as I have to wear glasses I decided to make a spin off of that. My first name on Facebook was “that guy with glasses” I was later informed about the nostalgia critic, but by then it was too late to rename. So I just added the word “one” to avoid any copyright and continue on my journey

Pro Media Mag : Any particular topic or field you really love to focus on while sharing on social media or writing on your blog ?
Felipe Kamey : I love to write about really anything, although I notice I do enjoy writing about news and anything that happens around the world. My readers also seem to enjoy when I debunk other websites or “call out” people on the things they have said that turn out to be completely inaccurate.
Pro Media Mag : Now as you have become an internet persona, people do follow you and trust your posts? How do you feel about that?
Felipe Kamey : People do seem to enjoy my page and it is not uncommon for me to get messages every now and then from fans that they like to go on my page when they have a rough day. It gives me a bit of pride to know that people like to follow my page, but the greatest feeling I get is knowing that if somehow helped people smile and feel better

Pro Media Mag : What are your future plans? Any particular target you want to achieve?
Felipe Kamey : My current goal is to start up my YouTube channel. I think I would be able to make great content my fans would enjoy. I would like to hope to be able to get out of college, but as of now I use most of my profits from my blog to pay for school

Pro Media Mag : Looking over your career, one can easily say you are a very hard working and dedicated person. What’s the motivation behind your work??
Felipe Kamey : My base behind my dedication is routed behind my father. As a migrant from Mexico he came to the united states and started working as hard as he could. It took him a while to get his feet planted right, but now he is a successful business owner with thousands of happy customers. I would love to be able to be as successful as he is.

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