Are Pomades Good for Natural Hair

Are Pomades Good for Natural Hair

Pomades are excellent for styling natural hair as they can hold and define a particular style without the oiliness and also without the stiffness associated with gels.
But is it really healthy to apply this product to natural hair? Will it lead to certain undesirable effects or will it actually be beneficial to the particular characteristics of natural hair?
These are just some of the questions that usually a first time user of pomade has in mind when styling their hair with pomade. So should you really try it or not?

Two Types of Pomade
So the first thing that you should know about pomade is that it has two basic types: the petroleum-based ones and the water-based ones.
Petroleum-based pomades generally have petrolatum or petroleum jelly as their first ingredient and what is great about this pomade is that it provides a lot of shine and hold. So if you really want that wet-look and to maintain a particular style for a day or two, this would be the best for your needs.
Water-based pomades, on the other hand, have water or aqua as their first ingredient. This type of pomade was created in order to answer the demand for a less heavy type of styling product with almost the same effects as a petroleum-based pomade.
It does not offer the same shine and hold but it is easier to wash off. This type of pomade is also usually the ones containing more natural ingredients such as shea butter, healthy oils, essences, and natural beeswax.

Two Types of Effects
As mentioned above, these two types of pomade will produce different results and that is because of the ingredients that they contain. Petroleum-based pomades has a particular greasiness which is quite heavy and is also not washable by water and regular shampoos alone.
This makes it more applicable for cold weather in order to prevent loss of moisture in the hair. Aside from that, it is also great if you want to add some shine to your hairstyle but do not want the added stiffness of gel.
With petroleum-based pomade, your hair will still be able to move and it will remain soft and manageable. Unlike oil, it will be better able to hold a particular style due to its wax-like characteristics.
Water-based pomades however, are made for those who do not want product build-up but would still like to use the consistency of a pomade. Water-based pomades contain waxes and oils in order to get the same texture of petroleum.
This means that you get healthy oils, and sometimes even shea butter which is really good for natural hair that will help nourish your hair and your scalp. What you will not get with this product however is the level of gloss or shine from a regular pomade.
Your hair will look almost dry but the style will somewhat hold. Add to that the great natural fragrances that you can get unlike in petroleum-based pomades.

Washing Off
Another of the greatest differences between the two is the process of washing them off of your hair. As a lot of people know, petroleum jelly is water repellant so you cannot really just wash it off even with warm water and shampoo.
If you don’t use shampoos which are specifically made for removing petroleum-based pomade, you will end up having a lot of the pomade still left in your hair. It may also end up in your scalp which can block hair follicles. With repeated use, you will notice that a lot of the pomade builds up on your hair requiring you less and less product to apply.
Water-based pomades are really easy to wash off. All that you need is warm water and your regular shampoo. Since these are made of natural ingredients, buildup is not as risky and that makes it as best pomade for men. The oils will help provide nutrients and moisture to your hair strands without clogging your follicles.
The wax is also easy to remove as it is not usually a major ingredient and can be easily removed by regular shampoo and warm water.
Overall, the answer to whether pomades are good or bad for natural hair will depend upon the type of pomade that you are using. If you are using petroleum-based ones then you may as well limit the frequency of using it as buildup can clog your follicles.
On the other hand, if you are using water-based pomades then you have nothing to worry about. It is easy to wash off and aside from that, it contains natural ingredients that help nourish the hair.
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