A Conversation With Professional Photographer Matthew David Parker

A Conversation With Professional Photographer Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker is a reputable professional photographer who works in New York, New York. New York is more than just a location to him, too. That’s because it’s also a major influence in his work. The vibrant city motivates him to make the most out of his photography skills.

Why did you decide to pursue photography as a career?

I don’t know that pursuing photography was necessarily a conscious decision on my part. It was more of an instinct than anything else. It feels like something that’s in my blood. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I love nothing more than spending my days behind the camera. Being a photographer makes me a better and more balanced individual. It’s something that gives me perspective and clarity. I truly know that it’s my calling. I’ve toyed with the idea of other careers in the past, but never seriously. Sure, it sounds like fun to be an astronaut. It could be pretty cool to be a gourmet chef. It could even be a blast to be an actor on a movie set. Do any of those jobs even compare to photography, though? Not even close. Not by a longshot.

Is New York City your favorite photography backdrop?

You can definitely say that. I won’t deny that I love photographing any city on this gorgeous planet. I also won’t deny, however, that New York City is without a doubt my one true love. It’s also my first love. They say you never forget your first true love. I’ll definitely never forget New York. I love taking pictures of any all and aspects of life in the Big Apple. I love taking photographs of its massive skyscrapers. I love taking candid photographs of people enjoying good weather in New York City’s seemingly endless amazing parks. I love snapping the skyline. I guess you could say I adore everything about photography in this incredible city. I don’t have any specific favorite neighborhoods, either. You can find me taking amazing photos on the Upper West Side. You can find me in the middle of photo shoots in Greenwich Village. You can find me snapping away in Battery Park as well. I’m everywhere here!

Do you think you’ll ever pursue a career outside of photography?

I doubt it. That’s not to say that I don’t have any outside interests. I do. I’m really passionate about the arts and culture in general. I admire so many paintings. I love film. I love reading books. I’m a pretty well-rounded individual. I don’t like to limit myself in any way. Life is too short for that. I just happen to be someone who has a good grasp of my own talents and abilities. I know that I’m a skilled photographer. I know that I have a rare and wonderful gift. I want to be able to share that gift to as many people as possible, too. I want to make people happy through my work.

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