Aget Concept Makes Wearable Art Available in the U.S.

Aget Concept Makes Wearable Art Available in the U.S.

Aget Concept

The Internet is quickly becoming a destination to purchase high end, designer fashion. It’s relatively easy to purchase a Burberry bag or an Hermès scarf online these days. But what about pieces that aren’t multi-produced and widely available? For the woman who loves couture and is looking to make a unique statement, there’s a new platform—Aget Concept—that is bridging the gap between art and fashion.

Aget collaborates with both upcoming and established designers to bring women a carefully curated, boutique experience for purchasing one-of-a-kind items online. Their collections come from all over the globe—featured designers hail from Italy, India, Brazil, France, and the U.K.  Antonio Marras, Rahul Mishra, ISOLDA, and Tata Naka are just a few of the notables currently available on their site.

Visit Aget Concept to find incredible pieces like Rahul Mishra’s 3D Nebula Dress. A beautiful and fascinating mix of textures, embroidered prints, and mesh paneling in subtle ivory and light blue tones, this hand embroidered dress makes a stunning statement. Items like ISOLDA’s crepe de chine jumpsuit make an equally extraordinary impression with vibrant prints and a flowing, relaxed fit. Pieces like these have the craftsmanship and creativity to transform everyday dressing into an art form.

From designer discovery and selection to packaging and delivery, Aget Concept aims not only to create a personal shopping experience, but also to elevate the online retail space. Their editorial column features up and coming artists, shows, designers, and more—so their customers won’t have to look any further for artistic and cultural inspiration.

Fashion has the power to merge histories, cultures, and art forms, but its ability to unite these different elements is easy to forget amidst the mundanity of everyday dressing. Sites like Aget Concept aim to change this attitude, creating opportunities for women to bring inspiration and craftsmanship into their every day lives with their carefully curated selection of clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags.

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Company Name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Renae Getlin
Phone: 310.734.6848

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