How to Step Up Your Eyelash Game

How to Step Up Your Eyelash Game

nasorndra bensen

Ladies, we’ve all felt it—put on faux lashes and you’re instantly glamorous, a sexy screen siren from the 1920’s or a Grecian goddess from the sea. A good pair of lashes doesn’t just make your eyes bloom like the gorgeous flowers they were always meant to be. It evokes a state of mind: confidence. Put on a pair of lashes and the sidewalk becomes your catwalk; the dance floor becomes your stage.

But beware! There are a few caveats to all this lash magic—lashes, even an expensive pair, can let you down. It’s not rare for them to start peeling off before the night ends, smudging your mascara and sticking to the wrong parts of your eyelids in the process. Look around next time you’re out past midnight and see who’s been let down by their lashes. Another caveat: those bargain drugstore lashes can look a little too faux to be true once you get them on.

So, how do you avoid a faux-lash faux pas?  Let Vaniteux Lashes come to your rescue. The first of its kind, Vaniteux Lashes is an exclusive luxury eyelash brand that makes handcrafted, one hundred percent mink lashes. Wearing Vaniteux’s double or single layer pairs will not only give your lashes that full, sexy glamour, but also bring out your inner goddess no matter how late the evening goes.

Even when you haven’t planned an evening out, Vaniteux Lashes will bring just the right amount fierceness to your everyday look. Whether you’re headed to the office or lounging poolside with a cocktail in hand, these lashes will look natural and highlight your stunning eyes for any occasion. So go ahead and strut into the boardroom like you own it; walk down the street like it’s a fashion show. You can always blame it on the lashes.

Look out for the launch of Vaniteux Lashes in September and follow along on Instagram to receive updates!

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