Add-ons to women fashion

Add-ons to women fashion

If there is one essential element in a woman’s wardrobe that can either make or break her look, it is the perfect accessory. From essential black pumps to insanely gorgeous necklaces, accessories are not only just fashion trends, but for most people, they are a way of making personal style statements and expressing their creativity in the way that they dress and look.

But in the ever changing world of beauty and fashion, which accessory trends are coming in and which ones are fading into the background? Let’s take a brief look!


  • The Choker Necklace:
    The end of the year 2016 saw a sudden rise in the popularity of the choker trend. From a simple black lace choker to more extravagant studded ones, they came in all shapes, sizes and forms and were seen literally everywhere. Rest assured, fashion experts keep telling us that even during the year 2017, they are not going to go out of style, at least not for a few months. So stock up your choker collection and also use some latest discount codes from DealVoucherz , for it is here to stay!

    What to pair it with: While simple chokers go well with dark jeans and light colored shirts, if you feel fancy, you can always pair a more delicate and extravagant choker with a daring and colorful dress. If it is inspiration you are seeking, look no further than the Red Carpet events.

  • Chinese hairpins:
    The utter beauty of these things! From delicate cherry blossoms to traditional dragon motifs, the Chinese hairpin trend brings the best of nature and combines it with modernity with absolute elegance and simplicity. From a delicate little flower in pink to big and bold phoenix shapes, you can find almost everything here.

    What to pair it with: This kind of hairpin demands a little bit of bold and colorful clothing. So don’t be afraid to wear that uber gorgeous dress lying in your closet. Pair it with some bold lipstick and watch heads turn when you walk down the streets.

  • Over-sized handbags:
    While the small clutch and shoulder bag may have been in trend these past few years, 2017 is going to see a steady rise in the popularity of over-sized handbags or satchel bags. If you think about it, this is also very clever because you can stuff all of your belongings like your makeup, a book, your wallet and so on in one place.

    What to pair it with: Over-sized handbags go very well with casuals and edgy styles. This means ripped jeans, cool jackets or even baggy sweatpants. Alternatively, if such handbags are not your cup of tea, you can also switch to equally cool backpacks, which too come in a wide array of styles, shapes, colors and prints.

  • Chain finger rings:
    While chunky and Bohemian finger rings dominated the fashion market last year, 2017 is all about the sleek and sophisticated chain finger rings. Basically, it consists of four finger rings all of them connected with a chain, and they come in a wide range of shapes and designs. If you are a gemstone girl, you can also get them with a bunch of precious and semi-precious stones assorted together.

    What to pair it with: If you are thinking of wearing such rings, it is best to go low-key with the rest of the accessories, like amulets, watches or bangles. Also, try to avoid sleeves with finger holes in them.

  • Delicate Hair Vines:
    Hair vines, especially in bridal fashion is the accessory to look out for this year. Utterly elegant, sleek and gorgeous, they are a must have, no matter if you plan on wearing them to a wedding party, your own wedding or even to a summer day date. While most of them come in various vine shapes and are predominantly white with precious or semi-precious stones attached to them, you can also find a bunch of quirky and colorful ones if you like.

    What to pair it with: Hair vines are essentially feminine in nature, and so, they go best with delicate clothing like lace skirts and frilly dresses or even chiffon, and look best when paired with light or earthy tones.

2017, no doubt, is going to be a fun and unexpected year when it comes to the world of fashion, especially accessorizing. There are so many beautiful trends to choose from, and we are sure that you will come across something or the other which will speak to you and add a pop to your stunning wardrobe. Happy shopping!


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