A Conversation with Talented actress Renata Ortiz Mena

A Conversation with Talented actress Renata Ortiz Mena

Sharing with our readers, our recent converstion with talented and gorgeous Renata Ortiz Mena.
Renata Ortiz Mena

Pro Media Mag : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Renata Ortiz Mena : My name is Renata Ortiz Mena, I am a young mexican actress living her dream in Los Angeles.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into acting?
Renata Ortiz Mena : Ever Since I was little I loved drama and the idea of performance. Every time I would watch a movie, any movie, I would just think of how much I wished I was part of that production or how much I wished I could have played that character. I just wanted to act. I remember watching “Spy Kids” when I was young and how much I wanted to play the role of Carmen. My brothers would be annoyed by my constantly running around trying to ¨zap¨ them with my secret spy gadgets.
I also love Maryl Streep and her career which I have unapologetically been stalking for years now!
I also think acting is needed in this world to say stories that need telling. It´s one thing to read that an event happened but watching someone experience that event connects people much more deeply to the story.

I think art can be very powerful tool for change.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recent work?
Renata Ortiz Mena : I am recently working on short film called “Wake up” which I wrote and will star in. I am very excited for this film and very excited of all the amazing people that are part of it.
I worked with very talented people in the process of this short film and I think the finished product will be something to be very proud of.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best project you have done so far?
Renata Ortiz Mena : Oh,my. I feel like I have been involved in so many great projects recently. I just finished an anthology of short films which was pretty awesome! I got to be in a horror movie which is definitely on my actor´s bucket list!

Pro Media Mag : You have graduated from the American Academy. How much it did help in improving your acting skills?
Renata Ortiz Mena : I would say it helped a lot. I meet great people and had great teachers. It was a scary process in a way that I had to get out of my shell and tear down big walls that I had build up along the years. I had an amazing vocal coach that helped me with my accent, I also had a great dance teacher that helped me get rid of my two left feet. There were so many great courses that helped me to simply ¨be in the moment¨. We get so caught up in the idea of doing a great job that we forget to take a moment and just be with our partner. That´s when the magic happens. The Academy also thought me to see the good in myself and be better every day.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being an international actress?
Renata Ortiz Mena : I get to see the best of both worlds. I have great support back home and they were the ones that encouraged me to come to Los Angeles. Now being here I found great support as well and having so many good friends here and in Mexico feels amazing. It is also beautiful to find that there are so many international people that have travelled the same distance you have and you get to see and experience many different cultures in one place, Los Angeles.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve as an actress?
Renata Ortiz Mena : Absolutely, I want to bring as much happiness to people with my performances as movies have brought to me. I want to tell different stories and let people know through these stories that they are not alone. I want to encourage people, make them laugh and love.
And of course I also want to be part of a network drama series. I think those are my goals at the moment.

Pro Media Mag : What’s your upcoming project?
Renata Ortiz Mena : As I mentioned before, at the moment I am filming “Wake up” which is a film I am super excited about. I am working with very talented people and it is a great story that needs to be told. We are filming in February and I can´t wait to see the final result. We will be submitting this movie to Film Festivals so keep an eye out for it !! It is amazing, I swear.

Pro Media Mag : In what kind of roles your fans would see you in near future?
Renata Ortiz Mena : I just finished filming some short films which will be screened at the end on January. I cant wait to watch them !!
In these short films I played four different characters. I played a cute, sassy, fake girlfriend, a kidnapped talent agent, an actress with a big dream and a government agent with a big problem.
I cant wait for all of you to watch them !
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