We recently got an opportunity to interview the man behind ‘Quarter Water Juices’.


Pro Media Mag: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Joseph McClendon: My name is Joseph McClendon. I go by JL McClendon. I am the creator, director, and writer of Quarter Water Juices.

Pro Media Mag: Who or what inspired you to get into the entertainment Industry?
Joseph McClendon: My uncle, who passed away some years ago, was signed to Motown in the 60s. He first introduced me to vinyls (records), from northern soul, all the way to classical. He inspired me to learn more about the culture of music because music and film coincides with one another. One needs the other.

My father and grandmother both loved film, so as a kid, I had a chance to see the classics and have someone to explain to me the meaning behind each one. My mother loved soap operas, so Quarter Water Juices is almost a dedication to her, as she would torture me to watch soap operas….thanks mom.

Pro Media Mag: Tell us about your recent film series Quarter Water Juices (QWJ).
Joseph McClendon: Quarter Water Juices is an urban opera about 9 individuals, 9 different personalities, 9 different lives, and how it relates to everybody. In QWJ, we see drama, we see betrayal, we see love between the same and love between two of the opposites. Philip Terry plays the main character known as Joey, and the story somewhat parallels a time in my life.

Pro Media Mag: What kind of response has it received so far?
Joseph McClendon: Here’s where my honesty kicks in. At first, people didn’t understand the series, but after carefully explaining it after the pilot and each episode having a meaning going in depth into the personality of each character, the viewer started to understand the points and emotion of the series.

Now, we are getting a good amount of publication. In the beginning of the year, we got an article on BuzzFeed. That is all thanks to our PR guru Nader Nadernejad.

Pro Media Mag: You started your career as musician. What do you enjoy more, music or being a director?
Joseph McClendon: Both, because the creativity behind both of them is intense, but still freedom.

Pro Media Mag: Tell us about your recent music work.
Joseph McClendon: Right now, I am finishing up a project with an artist that goes by the name of Phantom, which actually is the main character in the series, Philip Terry. The name of the project is “Last Call,” and should be out mid-2017.

Pro Media Mag: What’s next? More director work or more time for music?
Joseph McClendon: More than likely, more director work.

Pro Media Mag: Are you working on any new projects?
Joseph McClendon: I have 2 short films that I am working on, and still writing Season 2 for Quarter Water Juices.

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