We just saw Dr. Eric Pearle on a Dr OZ clip and he talked about Reconnective Healing. It was pretty interesting and apparently, also very effective. Dr. Oz seemed pretty impressed by Dr. Pearl’s healings and we were too. While we were watching the episode we remembered another man we met through a friend. His name was Marco Nunzio Alati and he is from Italy. The reason we thought of him was because he too, is involved in The Reconnection, the company founded by Dr. Eric Pearl.

Marco has an interesting story about how he decided to work with Dr. Pearl and the other people in the The Reconnection. He was actually a research scientist with degrees in Biotechnology and Industrial biotechnology. He traveled to different countries like Spain, Italy (where he is from), and Canada and worked along side other research experts in his field. One day, at the request of a friend, Marco grudgingly decided to have a session with a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Those thirty minutes lying on a massage table with the practitioner gently waving his hands above Marco’s body, changed his life forever.

Marco felt a pulling sensation from his feet all the way to the top of his head, along with a feeling of little explosions in his veins. It wasn’t so much the physical feeling that was the life changer it was his whole being that he felt was changing. His awareness and the course of his life path seemed to naturally evolve into something natural and beautiful and…perfect – for him. After that incredible experience he decided to take a leap of faith and change careers. He quit his research position and went to The Reconnection and was hired on the spot.

Marco told us that there are currently more than 2000 independent studies that support this fast-spreading new form of healing, with over 100,000 people trained all over the globe, many working in hospitals, independently, or in one of the many Centrums that are exclusive to this field.

Marco is one of the key people in The Reconnection. He is eligible to certify potential practitioners as Reconnection-Certified Practitioners, and he is one of only 120 Mentors in the world, an exclusive association represented by people who have obtained remarkable results with Reconnective Healing. Marco Nunzio Alati is one the most requested mentors in Europe; he has coached almost two hundred new practitioners on the technical aspect and the practice management of this work.


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