7 Summer Slimming Tactics without Going to the Gym

7 Summer Slimming Tactics without Going to the Gym

Summer is definitely the time for sun, wind, and sand. With this comes changing up your wardrobe to include stylish bikinis, cute crop tops, and summer dresses, so it’s only natural to want to prepare for the warmer months by hitting the gym and eating healthy.

However, is working out the only way to ditch the extra pounds? Sure, it can help, though it’s not the only solution! In this article, we provide you 7 tips that will make you look or feel slimmer for the summer time that don’t involve hitting the gym.

Slimming Tactics without Going to the Gym

If you’re not a fan of doing cardio or strength training, then here is a list of all the other things you can do to slim down.

Wear the Right Clothes

Sometimes, it’s about how we carry ourselves that determine whether or not we look our best. By learning which styles and garments flatter us the most, you may be able to already look nice without having to lose some pounds for the season.


Additionally, you can always opt to go for shapewear which can effectively smooth down bulges and rolls in the body. If you’re looking for something less overt, try bras designed to smooth out back fat and shape those unwanted bulges so you can wear whatever you want on top.

Eat Right

They say you are what you eat, and that is absolutely true. The kind of food you eat shows through the outside, so you might want to put down that extra bag of cookies you’re holding if you’re not willing to run 5 miles a day to lose weight.


Instead, swap out those sugars for healthier foods and vegetables. Seek out a nutritionist and have them create a balanced meal for you so you get the right portions and calorie count to lose weight. Include some fibrous foods to your diet to aid in digestion, and learn to chew slowly instead of chowing down at your meal. Sticking to the right, healthy food for you may mean you can compensate for no longer working out a day in your life.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water can help our bodies in multiple ways, so having lots of it alone will already be a surefire way to lose the extra pounds. In addition, your craving for food doesn’t always mean you’re hungry – it can sometimes be your body’s way of telling you it’s thirsty.


So before you begin digging into a meal, try drinking a full glass of water first so you get the amount of water you need while suppressing your appetite.

Take Multivitamins

Taking multivitamins is beneficial to your system. Vitamins and other supplements help your body work at its optimum performance, which includes digestion, and eventually, metabolism. While it’s debated whether or not taking vitamins can lead to a significant amount of weight loss, taking them in combination with healthy eating and drinking more water can improve your overall health.

Get Adequate Sleep

Taking care of yourself is not only limited to eating right, it also means you have to get enough sleep. Stress and inadequate amounts of sleep actually slows down your metabolism and makes digestion that much harder for your body. Instead of staying up, set a standard bed time for you to follow and you’ll be on your way to better sleep (and a better body) in no time.

Find a Hobby

A bored and empty mind can easily crave for food. Instead of lounging in front of the TV all day, you might want to consider walking your dog, playing a sport, or simply going out to see the sun. Keeping yourself preoccupied doesn’t only stop your body from wanting more food, it also allows you to burn the extra calories you use up in your activities that could aid in weight loss.

Choose to Walk the Stairs

If you wish to lose weight without the pain of working out, then choosing to climb the stairs over riding an escalator or the elevator should be your primary choice. This is a great way to tone your thighs!


In order to successfully slim down, you need to aim to burn more calories than you consume. It’s important to always be mindful of the choices you make, even if they are just small decisions!


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