Mexico’s Own Michele Abascal

Mexico’s Own Michele Abascal


Mexico is a very special place and it has produced many special artists including the actress Michele Abascal. While many actors become jaded somewhere along the way, Michelle, after years of intensive training and acting on stage, in movies and commercials still retains a warm and gentle, even philosophical way of looking at the world. She has always been supported by her mother in whatever she has chosen to do or be and she believes that love is what has influenced her the most; the love of her family, of her friends, the love of what she does, and what she want to do.

She has brings the magical spirit of Mexico and thousands of years of rich culture with her no matter where she goes. If we look closely, we can see her character’s emotions playing out in a subtle manner whenever she steps out on a stage or a movie set. She carries with her the proud, yet humble, brave, yet mannerly style of living that she was raised with. A funny thing, however, is that she said she was brought up in a small town completely devoid of culture. That put a smile on our faces because she is the exact opposite of that and it shows even if she just stands in the room without uttering a word. Her presence is the thing that other actors all try to achieve but rarely do. Presence is that special something that is magnetic and invites, even unknowingly, people’s eyes to turn toward it and wait for something to happen. Of course, this is a natural state of existence for Michele Abascal because even if she doesn’t know it – she has that magical presence.

Growing up in that cultureless town was perhaps a blessing for Michelle because it forced her curious mind to find out about her “magic finger.” As a little girl she used her magic finger to point back at her and then she would name the character she wanted to portray and instantly she would become that character. How fortunate for us that she had such an imagination that carried her into adulthood and that made her such a wonderful actress. Michele’s mind is worth looking into but until we are able to do that we will just have to enjoy all that she brings to her acting roles.



































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