5 Frequent Flaws Men Fret About

5 Frequent Flaws Men Fret About

Hey Guys! Does a receding hairline give you the pre-date jitters? Do those tufts of hair on your traps or a few extra pounds make you too shy to take off your t-shirt?

The fact that women are plagued by physical insecurities gets lots of playtime. We read about it in magazines, see it on the news and listen to it at the gym, nail salon and just about anywhere females flock.

But unless you truly know a man, they won’t easily open up when it comes to discussing self-perceived physical shortcomings. For the single guy, fretting and obsessing about physical imperfections can lead to anxiety, timidity, and self-doubt, especially when it comes to dating and sexual relating. So the next time you’re in doubt, remember that plenty of women find favor in your “flaws,” and here’s why:

  1. Bald Bearers:

Moses may have split the seas but it’s only because Yul Brenner as Ramses was too busy parting other things. Yup, you got it. Ask any woman and she will tell you that a bald Pharoah on and around her inner thighs is just as good as a hairy headed prophet anytime. And that’s not the only reason so many of us love the shaved head look. Men who embrace their baldness seem to exude a sense of strength, confidence, passion and masculinity.

  1. Back Hair

Think of it this way, some men prefer a hard wood floor while others have a penchant for carpeting. Women who lust after men with body hair visualize that they will be more primitive and carnal in the bedroom. So before you let anyone convince you to become smooth-like-a-mannequin, remember that there are plenty of women who crave a man in raw form.

  1. Skin Imperfections

May West said is best! “A man has more character in his face at forty than at twenty–he has suffered longer.” Just like the 1930’s sex icon, many women would rather see a face with character rather than a perfect specimen. Facial scars reveal a man who is vulnerable yet equally dangerous and wild while the lines that come with age are often associated with experience, maturity and wisdom.

  1. Those Few Extra Pounds

For every “chubby chaser” there is a Female Fat Admirer (FFA). That’s right! For these women, bigger does mean better, at least on the scale. A well rounded guy is perceived as carefree, security and fun-loving. Plus, how can you not love a man who is not afraid to eat?

  1. Size

If there is one thing every grown man should learn is that rulers are for grade school students. Masculinity cannot be measured by the inch and good love-making is a sensory experience that involves equal parts of touch, tongue and technique.

So fret not. Embolden yourself with the knowledge that women like all sorts of guys. Stay at home and you’ll never find out!


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