5 DIY Home Repairs Tricks You Need to Know

5 DIY Home Repairs Tricks You Need to Know


Do you still remember the pains you had to go through to get your own house? All those tiring hours spent getting the paperwork ready and the efforts for the due diligence! Any person who has ever bought a house will tell you how draining those tasks are! Well after you buy your house, life is supposed to get simpler. But unfortunately that is not so. After you buy your house you realize the kind of headaches you will be going through to keep your house well maintained. But of course, if you want to convert into a rundown place, then I guess you don’t have to really worry, just let nature do its job!

But if you are like me, you will want to retain your home’s shining glory and keep making it better as time progresses. And there are so many simple issues that keep coming up but you just don’t know what to do! And in the end you have to pay up a hefty amount to get the professionals to handle it. Is the entire issue really worth paying up so much? Is there not a way to get around it all!
Well you are in luck because here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to make your life simpler!

  • Fixing the Leaky Faucets

Let us begin with the most common and biggest problem that plagues a good old house. Leaky faucets are a constant source of worry as they waste a lot of water over a period of time.

Now usually, the only problem with a leaky faucet is a worn-out washer. Since they are made of rubber they tend to suffer wear and tear over the years. Now before you go about tinkering with the pipes, remember to shut down the main water supply line, otherwise you might find the next great flood at your house. Start with unscrewing the handle. It’s relatively easy to remove the washer then. Make sure the washer is free of cuts and tears. If not, get a suitable replacement. You swap them and go back in reverse to fix the faucet back. And there you have it, your mission is complete!

  • Prep for Paint

Now the movies might show it as a really fun activity but if you want to do it right, you should go about it very carefully! The first part is always removing the fixed items in the room. This might seem tiring but trust me when I say you will feel better with the extra space when you are painting in the room (with all that mess!). Take a damp sponge and then clean all the walls carefully. And if you notice any holes or gouges you should have them filled with spackle. Then you are free to go about painting the room, by applying atleast 2-3 layers. Though it is not like chain cutting but be uniform in your motions so that you get a smooth finish.

  • Unclogging the Toilet

Now this is a task that gets most people running in the opposite direction. But then you need to remember that it is your house and you have to fix it.
There are various difficulty degrees in unclogging the toilet depending on the situation.

The first order of business can be using a good pair of gloves or an extra bucket of water to unclog it. If this fails then we need to use ‘The Plunger’ or ‘The Plumbing Snake’ to help us out. But now if they end up in failures, then we can be sure that this is a major problem. Now would be a good time to call your trusty plumber to help you out!

  • Control the Creaky!

Sometimes due to seasonal changes your door might start screeching with every touch. It usually goes away on its own in a few months as the season changes.
But if you are really particular, then start with oiling the hinges. That usually gets the job done. If not then you will have to plane the door in the tight spots. It simply means to scrape away thin layers to allow free movement. It is best to be careful with the proportions of the door as you don’t want to take the aesthetics away from it.

  • Getting Rid of The Molds

Do you hate those greenish slippery things in your bathroom? Then you should probably start off with scrubbing it away using baking soda. This trusted method will take care of it all. You should try keeping your windows open to allow easy circulation of air. This will keep the surrounding dry and away from molds. Another preventive method is to make a vinegar water solution to keep the molds away.

These DIY projects might seem quite simple but you are still advised to do some research before undertaking one. Lack of information about particular aspects can lead to some unforeseen situations that might not be favorable. These projects don’t need much preparation but that does not imply that you can do them without any understanding of the basics.

Stay informed. Stay safe.

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