Are You Stuck With A Commitment Phobic Man

Are You Stuck With A Commitment Phobic Man

Hey girl, I have a question to ask you. When was the last time you heard this line? “You know that I really, really like you right? You’re the best person in the world but I’m just not ready for a real relationship right now. If you want, we can still see each other but I just can’t make any promises. You do understand right?” 

Well, do you really understand what a man means when he spouts nonsense like this? Oh, darling. When your guy gives you a ridiculous speech like this, you should know better than accept his cowardly proposal. You know what you should do the minute you hear this pathetic speech? Run away. That’s right. Run away and never look back. These kinds of men are bad news. In fact, it would be too much of a compliment to call these pathetic losers “men.” They’re boys. They’re bratty, oversized boys with a severe case of commitment anxiety. It’s as if they think that they’re the only people have things to lose when the relationship goes awry. Watch a video about this here.

I’m telling you, these big babies don’t deserve the time of day.

But hey, all this lecturing probably isn’t going anywhere right? For all I know, you’re probably keeping one as a pet already: A Commitment Phobic Man.

The Legend of The Commitment Phobic Man

Let me guess. He’s a great guy – good face, sweet personality, killer smile and bod. He’s the perfect prince. The only drawback is that he isn’t your boyfriend. He’s just your “kind-of boyfriend.” It’s because he doesn’t believe in labels. He believes that two people who are really in-love do not need such things to be together. They can be perfectly happy without any sort of formal relationship. This way, one person can exist even without the other. They won’t have to be meshed together; they don’t have to lose their separate identities.

Well, here’s what I think. This is complete BS.

If you’re dating a guy who thinks commitment is nothing but a hindrance to dating, then you’re probably dating a stuck-up person who dislikes the idea of settling down. To you, he might be a real darling, a real catch perhaps. But to him, you’re probably just another girl caught in his trap. You’re probably one of the many he’s given this speech to. He’ll only break your heart.

If you’ve ever watched the movie “He’s Just Not Into You,” it’s high time you start listening to our boy Alex there. I’m paraphrasing here but he said something like “If a boy really likes you, he’ll do what it takes to get to you.” So if your kind-of boyfriend is setting you aside like you’re some toy he just wants to occasionally play with, there’s definitely something wrong there.

I’m not really saying that all men with commitment issues are douchebags. Some really do have experienced failed relationships and are now too hesitant to start anew. However, love-scarred men are easier to spot than those bozos preaching the benefits of open relationships. Commitment phobic men may have experienced something really bad to make them feel reluctant and anxious about serious relationships or they can be total idiots who just don’t like the idea of being tied down.

How Can You Tell The Difference?

If your so-called boyfriend says that he can’t commit to anything serious right now but entertains a dozen other women, then he’s afraid of committing for all the wrong reasons. He simply doesn’t want to get you two a label because his eyes are still set on the playfield. There’s many fish in the sea right? So why must he stick with you if he can try out all sorts of other varieties? Read more here:

But if you’re with someone who’s obviously into but simply lacks the courage and confidence to start a committed relationship to you, then maybe something bigger and deeper is in the works there. Maybe he really is afraid for some reason. Don’t force him into anything he’s not comfortable with. He’ll open up in time. If he doesn’t, then maybe you’re not just his cure and you’re better off with someone emotionally stable.


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