The year is 2019 and it has been a long time since developments within the rock genre of music have hit the mainstream media, but all of this is about to change. Introducing the new rock band of 2019 who are taking the world by storm. 308 GHOST TRAIN.

Very rarely is it that a new and upcoming band comes along that redefines a genre of music by combining multiple genres and influences together to create a completely new sound within a genre such as rock. The Rock music market in recent years has seen an influx in new and upcoming bands publishing their content independently online which has oversaturated the rock music online market making it increasingly harder for rock bands and artists to breakthrough. But when a revolutionary new rock band comes along such as 308 Ghost Train, the music breaks through the sea of independent releases and generates excitement amongst the rock community. This is exactly what rock band 308 GHOST TRAIN has managed to achieve in such a small period of time with their message driven rock music and classic rock influenced sound which has reached a wide audience with praise from dedicated rock fans and newcomers to the genre alike. 308 GHOST TRAIN is a rock band have been making waves combining many genres and influences such as Hard rock, Heavy Metal and Alternative to redefine a music genre and create a truly unique and original sound that is unique to their name. A sound that has been described as FRESH, HEAVY and INSPIRING putting rock band 308 GHOST TRAIN on the radar of all major music publications online.

308 GHOST TRAIN has already managed to gain some major achievements under their belt and have toured all around the US. Not only that but the band with their unique sound and combination of rock influences have found themselves gaining mass following on social media such as Facebook and Chart Positions where they continue to be recognised as a breakthrough rock band who are being discovered just before the brink of their commercial success.

308 GHOST TRAIN have a few upcoming releases in their pipeline which are much anticipated by their ever-growing and dedicated fan base such as the Music Video for the single “Worn” which has been making waves all across the major social media sites with shares and likes across the board and has the definite potential to go viral this SUMMER 2019 predicted to gain massive amounts of views in addition to national and international airplay with its completely fresh and unique, original rock inspired sound combining elements of old school classic rock and modern alternative sounds.

This is only the start of what is to come for the Single and Music Video from highly acclaimed rock band 308 GHOST TRAIN. The upcoming EP release from 308 GHOST TRAIN has already received very positive praise from fans and casual listeners alike on the bands official Soundcloud and Youtube pages and has been embraced by their anticipating fan base. Media have praised the upcoming EP based on the Singles and have praised the band for their fresh sound combining many different Hard Rock, Alternative and Classic Rock influences. 308 GHOST TRAIN have been gaining momentum with their samples and trailers of their upcoming Single, Music Video and EP generating mass amounts of hype that is showing no signs of slowing down or stopping.

The Single “21 Guns and A Million Tears”s Classic Rock and Alternative inspired sound and has been climbing social media like wild fire with shares and likes and has the definite potential to go viral along with the upcoming subsequent EP and Music Video from the band for this SUMMER 2019.

Be sure to keep up to date with trending new breakthrough rock band 308 GHOST TRAIN on their various official social media accounts and official website as they creates brand new sounds of rock Inspired music and new releases designed to be both inspiring, full of energy and impactful the sound of this SUMMER 2019.

The brand new EP from 308 GHOST TRAIN will be available June 18th. The Single “Worn” and official music video will be release on June 11th with a pre-order for the Single on June 4th and a YouTube Premiere on June 4th at 6 pm. The Single “21 Guns and A Million Tears” is now available to purchase online via the bands official website and all online major music stores such as iTunes.




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