iCandy Designers Leggings got all you are looking for!

iCandy Designers Leggings got all you are looking for!

As my readers know I am a big fan of colorful dressing. And always try to follow the trends or to create my own fashion. As leggings are so much in now a days, so dressing isn’t complete without legging.I have tried all kinds of legging available in markets and malls I go to. So I was looking to find something new as I had started to get bored from usual style leggings. So searched throughout the net. Most of the online stores got only small range of legging or just usual style. By luck I came across iCandy Designers Leggings. Best thing that made me stop by was the idea behind it, the designers leggings. We normally treat leggings just a supportive item. And giving it a proper designer look seems exciting. So they got designer leggings in plenty of shape, style, colors, prints.

They haven’t officially launched yet ( came to know about them through their Instagram). While searching more about them I got more info on it on their Facebook. When I came to know that they are launching on 1st June 2019, it made me share it here with our readers.

Even though they are not offically launched yet and you can catch them on their store address www.icandyleggings.com after 1st june, yet I was able to collect some info about them and their products.

They got some really cool leggings range. Even some leggings are designs for hot and seductive body shaping.  Some of their leggings got attractive and colorful prints on them.They have leggings in different categories including casual leggings, fashion, adventure, fitness, hot and seductive and also seasonal leggings. Means you will get surely get here what you will be looking for.

And one more thing that is cool about this site is. Prices are going to be reasonable. So I am surely ordering some colorful leggings for myself soon. I am sure their will be plenty of leggings to chose from. Most probably site would have launched until you read this. So what you are waiting for? Go get yours 🙂



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