3 Ways to Enhance Your Style Quotient with Fur

3 Ways to Enhance Your Style Quotient with Fur

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It’s winter time! Time to wake up the animal in your closet and bring it to life (with chic style that is)! The brilliance, enigma and the glam associated with fur clothes are not going to die down any time soon, though you can hardly use the word ‘fur’ without raising an eyebrow or two. For some it is a question ethics, while there are still others who will vouch for aesthetics. Well, controversies aside, if you own a fur you may as well flaunt it. And if you are going to do it, you better do it right.

Here are 3 ways you can style up your look with your fur coats and make the whole room stare, while you simply bask under its warmth, feeling just as gorgeous as you look:

The Smart Look– It makes sense if you are saving up your vintage fur coat for the red carpet but not all fur coats need to go down the same road. You can style up a normal day at school or an errand at the supermarket with a dash of fur on you. If you want to wear a casual look, go easy on the shades. The rebellious red, the glorious yellow and the scintillating pink, you can keep aside for a special day. Fall for the humble ones, the husky greys, midnight blacks and dusty brown shades render you a perfectly fashionable ‘I don’t care how I look’ look, without making it too loud.

The Chic Look– This the one you would preferably want to wear to spice things up at work. With this look, you want to look feasibly formal and absolutely stylish, with an air of sophistication. It’s still sensible to avoid any shocking shades here. Just go with whatever compliments with your work wear. You can never wrong with white here. Black is classy, any day. You can also play around with patterns and checks as you please. But if you are choosing a coat with more than one colour, be sure not to get too experimental. You sure don’t want to walk in office looking like you just walked out of a rainbow.

The Gloss Look– This is the one you see (and dream about) in fashion magazines. It is where it gets sultry, inside out (no kidding). With this look, you would love the way it feels when you play around with warm colours. The naughty red, the pretty pink, the shiny black, the classy navy blue, tor the occasional mellow orange, whatever your choice just bring the glam out of your closet and wear it with flair. To make heads turn, you can pair this look with high slits, silky attires, stilettos and bold lips.

If you are still on the look for a fur coat that will best suit you needs and haven’t found the right one for you yet, we have just the place for you. Check out the magnificent collection at Evans fur, and they might have a really warm surprise for you.



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