Probably since the time of the early Greeks actors have been admired and people have secretly dreamed of running off with the happy acting troupe that passed through and entertained the whole town. Who wouldn’t want a lifestyle like that: traveling, role playing, saying interesting lines to other actors who are having more fun than anyone? We wonder if Daphne Tenne felt that way when she decided to become an actress. Did she just one day get up and sign up for acting classes and say goodbye to her computer programming world?

DAPHNE TENNEWell, the answer is: “Who cares?” Another answer to it that might be a little gentler might be: “Well, gosh, we don’t know right now, but we’ll get back to you if or when we find out.” Who cares? The important thing is that we get to watch Daphne perform in movies and stage plays and that’s all we really care about. Do we care that she is fluent in three languages? Not really. How about that she’s a world traveler and was in the Israeli army and was born in Greece? Mildly interested. How about that she was in the film Love Is directed by the award winning, Stan Harrington which was an official selection and premiered at the Greek Film Festival? Yes!!! That’s pretty interesting!! What if we told you that Love is is going to be made into a full-length major motion picture starring Daphne Tenne? Wow!! Yes, we like that kind of stuff because we like Daphne so much.

We’ve seen her in plays in Hollywood and we did see Love is, which was a wonderful film. It did make us think, however, which was a nice change for a film to do. The movie was about love, no doubt, but it made the audience participate in the process and ask themselves if love is determined by the words being said or the actions being performed. That is, which one of these would be considered love: looking deeply into someone’s eyes and saying the words “I love you,” or just simply holding hands without saying a word?

Daphne’s character brought a touch of comedy to the love story, which was another refreshing thing about that great little movie. She looked like she was having fun playing the character and she filled the theatre with life and laughter each time she appeared on the screen. Daphne is a terrific actress and we can’t wait to see her again.

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