Winter Wardrobe Outfit Ideas

Winter Wardrobe Outfit Ideas

Being warm and stylish don’t have to be mutually exclusive – on the contrary, when you have more clothing to work with, you get the chance to be more creative! It’s so easy to get stuck in the same old routine of a baggy jumper, jeans and boots, you forget that there’s actually a whole world of options out there when it comes to putting together a cold weather outfit. If you’re too familiar with your current outfit rotation and you’re in need of a bit of a refresh, you’ve come to just the right spot. Here are a few pieces and outfit ideas that will switch up your style and have you feeling as fabulous as ever this winter…


Statement Coat 

A statement coat is definitely the easiest way of changing the entire vibe of an outfit in a matter of seconds. Why not explore your options for some eye-catching prints and materials instead of reaching for the old faithful black style this season? Try a graphic striped peacoat, a faux-fur leopard print or an oversized teddy coat in a soft beige for a real change up that will dress up even the drabbest of jumper and jean combos!


Layered Leather 

Leather is a fantastic material to play around with during winter, it’s protective, waterproof and oh so cool, ideal for evening and formal wear. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider investing in a pair of kick flare leather pants. Wear with a white lace top and layer an oversized blazer in a grey check print over the top. Add some statement jewellery and your favourite leather biker boots for a stunning yet striking evening outfit. If you want to go for something more subtle, try wearing some wool tailored pants with a silk cami, then layer on a close fitting cashmere cardigan and, on top of that so you can’t see it, a leather blazer cut jacket.


Swinging 60s 

Get a 60s silhouette going on for a cute winter weekend look. Start with some wool tights and slide on your favourite knee high leather boots. Step into an A-line mini skirt and tuck in a black cashmere turtleneck. Finish with your jacket of choice and a chic beret for a fun touch of French style.


Perfect Poncho 

Ponchos are perfect for putting together an amazing winter ensemble! The right poncho is going to look beautifully bohemian and effortlessly cool whilst still keeping you incredibly cosy! Look for a style crafted from cashmere or wool, beautiful cashmere ponchos really are the epitome of luxe style and they last you a lifetime if you care for it correctly. Layer an oversized fringed poncho in an eye-catching jewel tone or dark neutral over skinny or flare jeans. Layer plenty of gold shining pendants and chain necklaces and stack on the metal bangles. Step into some slouchy suede or leather boots and add a fringed or macrame handbag. A floppy sun hat will be the perfect finishing touch here.


All White Everything 

White is put on the back burner in winter, but there’s no reason not to reach for that gorgeous creamy cashmere jumper you have in your wardrobe! (If you don’t have one, do yourself a favour and go buy yourself one pronto) Start with some white or off white straight leg chinos, step into some vintage style white leather boots and layer your cream cashmere crew neck or V-neck jumper over the top. Finish with a white satin ribbon in your hair or some cream resin statement hoop earrings.

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