Taking care of your lawn amid lock down situation!

Taking care of your lawn amid lock down situation!

Amid this COVID-19 lock down situation you need everything around you to be fresh and neat. Whether it’s your house or courtyard or lawn, you would surely like it to be neatly setup. Staying at home 24/7 itself is pretty hard. And if your surroundings are not in good shape you will definitely get boredom. Particular your eyes and mind will get fresh feelings if you have a good lawn to sit and relax.

But how? In this lock down situation most of the staff has been sent on leave. And it’s pretty hard to find any lawn service as almost all the businesses and services are closed all around USA and in majority of the world. So if you already has a good lawn or courtyard area, you have to take care of it yourself. You have to do the trimming, watering cleaning, land mowing etc.

All that sound strange as you are surely not an expert. Same was the case with my cousin living in Peachtree Corners, GA. He used to has a splendid lawn. Trees from around the world, Rose and other flowering plants, fountain and so much more to cherish. But the lockdown proved to be fatal for his lawn. He had to send his staff on leave. His gardener was working for him since last 5 years or so. So only he knew how to manage this beautiful lawn area.

My cousin tried his best to take care of these plants for two weeks but a number of plants started to wither. Even his beautiful fountain and pool around it lost it look as only an expert can take care of such things. When he sent me the latest picture of his almost destroyed lawn tears rolled down from my eyes. I really enjoyed my stay at home whenever I go there for vacations. And his lawn used to my favorite place.

So I wasn’t going to give it up. I searched the net if I can do something to save his lawn from ruining. After a few hours research I came across Atlanta Landscaping Matters – Peachtree Corners . Luckily they were open for business in this lockdown situation as well. And they were offering all the services we were looking for including lawn care, lawn mowing, landscaping, irrigation, landscape lighting, leaf removal, general tree care, pruning, hedge and bush trimming, tree trimming etc. So my cousin called them and within a few hours their team was on his door step.

They really done the wonder with his lawn in only a week or so. I wasn’t expecting this lawn to get back in full bloom again after I saw the pictures my cousin sent me. But once I saw the fresh pictures ten days after Atlanta Landscaping Matters started working on his lawn I was stunned. The lawn and his fountain were in a better shape then I ever knew it. They surely got some experts in this field in their staff. this pleasant experience with them urged my to write down this experience with my readers. I am not sure if any such service is available in your area or not but your lawn your plants are living things as well. You need to act fast and search for someone who can take care of them. Don’t let them wither, plants are essential of our lives as well.


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