Why Tourmaline Flat Irons Are So Popular

Why Tourmaline Flat Irons Are So Popular


Tourmaline is a mineral that is used to make the plates in specific flat irons. When manufacturing these hair tools, the tourmaline is first crushed into a fine powder then baked into the ceramic plates during the manufacturing process. The reason for this mineral’s popularity in the hair market is that it is a natural source of negative ions and one of the only minerals to show long-lasting electrical charge. Tourmaline generates negative ions that enhance the texture of the hair and effectively heats the hair from the inside out. This makes excessive heat a lot less damaging to the hair. Tourmaline plates also help close the hair follicles, minimizing the amount of heat damage and adding luster to the appearance of the hair that is long lasting. With a tourmaline flat iron, you are actually sealing in moisture with every pass of the straightener. This is important to know if you are regularly using a flat iron to style your hair.

Do they live up to the hype?

Tourmaline flat irons are some of the most popular hair tools available today. They are considered essential in top of the line flat irons and a must-have for many salons and hair stylists. Originally, these irons were only manufactured for licensed hair stylists and only sold to exclusive hair salons, but now they are widely available to almost any consumer. Tourmaline hair straighteners are definitely set at a higher price point than other flat irons. Tourmaline coated plates are preferred by hair pros because the surface is much smoother and virtually eradicates the tearing of hair, resulting in a beautiful finished look. Another benefit of Tourmaline flat irons, is that you only have to run it through each section of hair one time. Usually with aluminum straighteners, you would have to run the flat iron through the hair several times, resulting in more heat damage than necessary. This will save you time and help keep your locks healthy and happy for a longer period of time. Better results in less time? I’ll take it! Let’s face it, the foundation of every hairstyle is the tool one uses.


HSI Glider+ Tourmaline Digital Flat Iron

For those looking to purchase a tourmaline model, the HSI Glider+ delivers high quality hair styling results for a fraction of the cost of higher-end models. This straightener is capable of a wide range of heat options; from 170º to 450º F. This makes it great for all hair types, from thin to thick and curly. The digital LCD display provides an exact readout of the temperature and notifies you when the preset temperature is reached. The Glider+ has high quality tourmaline coating that produces sleek frizz-free styles in much less time than traditional hair irons. To top it off, the integrated HeatBalance microprocessors works in tandem with 4 sensors on the plates to ensure even heat distribution throughout the styling process.

In Summary

A Tourmaline flat iron is great for anyone who wants a salon look at home without breaking the bank. These flat irons offer less heat exposure, less styling time, sleeker results, and are the pick of hair salon professionals. Hair straighteners that have plates made of Tourmaline ceramic are the current gold standard of straightening irons. So the next time you are in the market for a new flat iron, definitely consider the higher price tag for the much higher quality.


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