Why Istanbul is a popular destination for hair transplants

Many men, and even some women, have problems with thinning hair. Balding is particularly common in men who inherit the male pattern baldness condition.

Usually by the time a man is in his mid-20s he is starting to lose hair if he has been unlucky enough to have the condition.

Turkey has become a popular place to get your hair transplant surgery done. The prices are also very reasonable and there are many places to choose from. Since there are so many clinics operating in Turkey, it means there is intense competition for customers.

Competition is a good thing because it means that hair transplant clinics have to offer a good service and at an affordable and reasonable price.

Istanbul has hundreds of medical facilities and specialists, many of whom are internationally-accredited. It is therefore very possible to find an excellent facility that offers the procedure that you need and want.

What you should do when planning a hair transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul is a large city that is easy to reach by plane since it has the biggest international airport in Turkey, so it is not a problem, for the most part, to get a flight into the city from other countries.

One of the keys is to be organized and plan well ahead of time. If you are already in Turkey then you will not need to worry so much about travel and the travel costs involved.

However, if you are outside of the country then it takes a bit more planning and thought.  You may need to purchase a plane ticket to travel to Istanbul from outside the country.

Air fare is usually most affordable if done several months ahead of time. Last minute plane tickets tend to cost considerably more money.

You should start investigating the different facilities that are offering hair transplant surgery. Make sure that these clinics have good reviews, and that they are internationally-accredited.

Cost is another important factor to take into account when selecting a facility and procedure. However, you have to be careful not to select a place based entirely on the cost they quote you.

Hair transplants are medical procedures which can have complications. You therefore must make sure that you select a place that has good reviews, and has a record of excellence in terms of outcomes for their patients.

Not only should most of the patients be satisfied with the results they have gotten from their procedure, but there should be very little to minimal complications reported by patients.

You also need to find out as much detailed information as you can about what exactly the procedure entails and what you can expect. For instance, you should ask how long will it take for you to see results.

You need to also find out exactly what the price is for the entire process, including any additional creams or treatments you need after the procedure has been done.

This will allow you to plan your finances and make sure you have enough money. You can visit the websites of various clinics such as the Vera Clinic to find out more information.





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