Why Do Women Need Hair Transplant

Hair is one of the foremost things individuals notice about us when we meet them. Hair conveys facets about your fashion and personality. Researches show in the modern concept of ageing, your hair plays a vital role to groom your personality. Therefore, balding is not only men’s problem anymore, rather it carries crucial importance related to their character for women as well and here, but fue hair transplant turkey also provides a permanent solution.

Losing some hair daily is absolutely normal. However, losing a lot of hair every day can be distressing for women in particular. Common causes of hair loss are:

  1. Hereditary hair loss
  2. Temporary hair shedding
  3. Nutritional deficiencies (iron, zinc, vitamin B3 and protein)
  4. Medications (medicines for high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, and depression)
  5. Dandruff or scalp psoriasis (inflamed and itchy scalp)
  6. Intense emotional or physical stress, like divorce, death of close relatives etc.


Women during their pregnancy experiences higher hair growth rate due to the effect of oestrogen. However, just after childbirth, both the oestrogen level normalizes, resulting normal hair growth cycle instantaneously, therefore causing shedding all that thick, luscious hair that accumulated over the last 9 months.

Hair loss has become a nightmare for women, irrespective of their age now a day. Sometimes, re-growth of lost hair is possible through medication and patience, most of the cases they don’t respond too much. In this circumstance, one should consider a more permanent solution of hair transplantation. Here are three main reasons why women suffering from hair loss should consider having hair transplantation:\


  • Boosts confidence- Losing hair, the crowning glory for many women is devastating. Hence, if balding is embarrassing, a transplant can easily restore the volume of your locks and really boost your self-esteem.
  • Permanent solution- Concealing thinning locks with braided hairstyles is easy at times; however, there is always a risk of being discomfited. But, hair transplantation through grafting provides a permanent solution and a way that you won’t have to hide your hair away in embarrassment.
  • Natural look- Wigs are a popular way to disguise hair loss, but can easily be identified as artificial. A hair transplant on the contrary, is only a one-time procedure that yields permanent natural results and surgeons have perfected making the end result look seamless.

There are mainly two main types of hair transplantation considered for women: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUT Technique: In this method, hair grafts are prepared with small groups of tissue containing hair follicles are separated- generally from the area where the hair is less prone to balding and placed individually at the donor site by making some tiny holes. Though this method is running for last two decades, this technique is not without downsides- (a) It is unable to provide a natural look, (b) the surgery is to time taking and (c) it imprints permanent scar at the donor site.

FUE Technique: This technique is considered to be more advanced and has been carefully developed addressing the disadvantages of FUT. Unlike FUT, this process involves the collection of individual hair follicles (rather than a strip) directly from the scalp and inserting them into small incisions made at the recipient site. This technique (a) allow the surgeons to have more control over the hairs, (b) its more precise selecting individual hairs from the donor site and moreover (c) the level of accuracy while implanting the hairs according to normal growth direction provides a more natural allure.


Now, the big factor in choosing the right place for this kind of precise hair transplant where you will have top medical facilities accompanied by experienced surgeons with a high degree of success rate and of course at an affordable price. Turkey has now emerged as a perfect blend of all these factors. The visa procedure in Turkey is very simple and one can expect world-class medical infrastructure with cutting edge technologies for hair transplant. Surgeons in Turkey are planting an average of 8000 hairs per patient and this figure is well above the average than the EU or US. Moreover, it is the cost- where FUE hair plantation in EU and US costs around £7500 to £10000 it only costs £1200 to £1500 in Turkey and that too with 5-star hotel accommodation and round-trip VIP transfer to Airport.

An additional advantage is sightseeing. Cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir are packed with primaeval monuments endowed with showcase scenery that overwhelms in every step. Roaming around those cities with a minor additional cost is an overpayment. Located in a geographically key position between EU, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the Turkish vibrant culture, famous cuisines, and vast history are worthy to venture upon, while its glorious landscapes.


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