Ways To Show Your Boyfriend You Genuinely Love And Appreciate Him

Ways To Show Your Boyfriend You Genuinely Love And Appreciate Him

If your relationship is going strong, then it’s important to keep it that way. By showing your boyfriend how much your care, you can further enhance your partnership. Now don’t think you have to go all out. There are many simple ways that you can show your love and appreciation.

Give Him A Massage

What better way to help your man relax after a hard day of work? Massages are a great mood booster and can help reduce muscle pain. Make sure you set up a good location for the massage; your bed will do fine, just lay down a towel. Taking time to chill out and relax can help him unwind.

Start Calling Him By A Nickname

Giving your boyfriend a nickname may sound lame or cheesy, but it is also a good way to show your love. Try to pick something original rather than the some old “love” or “baby.” You also don’t want to call him something embarrassing or something that his mother would call him. Making the right choice isn’t easy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t change his nickname at a later date. Do a bit of research online for more information about picking the perfect name.

Cook (Or Order) His Favourite Dish

Get in the kitchen and unleash your inner chef. Cooking your boyfriend’s favorite food is a great way to show you care and are willing to put in the effort for him. Of course, if you’re not the smoothest in the kitchen, then it may be time to brush up on your skills a bit. This is especially true if your man’s favorite dish is not so straightforward to prepare. If you simply don’t know how to cook the meal or are too pressed for time, then you could always order his favorite take-out (this should be considered as a backup option only). It’s best to start cooking when your boyfriend is not at home, and you could surprise him with it when he walks through the door.

Organise A Night Out

Don’t leave it up to him to plan all your dates. How about organizing one that may appeal more to him than you. If there is an activity he enjoys that you enjoy less, try giving it a go. Going bowling, for a hike, or to the cinema, are all good options. Since you organized it, you may also want to consider paying for the entire night.

Surprise Him With A Gift

It doesn’t have to be the latest flatscreen TV, but buying a gift is another great way to show you care. Simple, personal gifts such as wallets or belts are always a good idea. Of course, if there is some gadget or toy that he has been longing for, then consider spoiling him with it.


It’s important to continually build on your relationship rather than letting things slide and become stagnant. These methods will help you show your boyfriend how much you really care so that your relationship can continue to blossom into the future. It is about balance, of course, but showing you care is always a great way to boost your relationship.

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