Wayne Weaver – A Man on a Marketing Mission

Wayne Weaver – A Man on a Marketing Mission

Wayne Weaver

Meet successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and marketing extraordinaire – Wayne Weaver.

With tens of thousands of followers on social media platforms and countless people flocking to him for solutions to their marketing problems, Wayne Weaver is quickly becoming a well-known name in the online marketing community.

Defying norms and breaking stereotypes, this marketing genius started his first business at the young age of 15, and hasn’t looked back since. Mr. Weaver can name the highly successful business startups he’s launched since then like a mighty warrior listing the beasts he has slayed. Some of the startups he has helped include a thriving automobile detailing service, a janitorial servicing company, along with flourishing mortgage service.

With years of military service under his belt —and armed with the raging success of his startups all thanks to his exceptional education — Mr. Weaver holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. If you think his impressive resume ends here, think again. He also has a Masters in Marketing and is in the process of acquiring a Doctorate of Business Administration (Marketing). He found his calling in helping others when a competitor called, begging for advice on marketing strategies.
Mr. Weaver is today the President and Founder of Infinity Direct Marketing, Inc. – a successful marketing and product development company, which provides the solutions to all your marketing problems. Not only does his company design, execute, and manage marketing strategies, Weaver is dedicated in coaching and guiding fellow entrepreneurs along a path that leads straight to success.
This is a man who has over the years learned much about people, taken on active leadership roles and is now determined to inspire people and help them do the very best they can in realizing their dreams and translating them into reality.

Unlike the countless others in this field, Wayne Weaver sets himself apart, not only by making marketing ideas come to life in an astounding manner that propels newbie startups to the very heights of success, but also by investing his endless resources in direct campaigns that anyone else would never consider. He is a man who puts his money where his mouth is, and delivers spectacularly.

If you’re just setting foot into the business world and wish to hit the ground running, or if yours is a business that could do so much better than it is currently doing, then Wayne Weaver is the person for you. Famous for his highly engaging and informative keynote speeches at various events all across the United States, you can choose to attend any of his seminars, the coaching classes conducted by his company, participate in telephone seminars, or read up on the various articles and executive reports written and published by Wayne.

Wayne Weaver is a man that makes no apologies for his passion for attaining his goals, for this is a passion that breeds success. Contact Wayne today so he can help you build, grow and expand your business.


Wayne Weaver is an in-demand marketing and business building expert. He is the founder of Infinity Direct Marketing, Inc. where their mission is to provide the finest, cutting edge, innovative marketing products and services to those who are seeking higher levels of success and fulfillment from their business.  Wayne is the host of Direct Marketing TV, the hit Web TV show watched by thousands of small business owners around the world. He is also the host of the Direct Marketing Podcast based on Wayne’s unique brand of smart marketing and business building strategies. Wayne is best known internationally as “The Professional Problem Solver” and creator of several reports, eBooks, audio and video marketing programs used by entrepreneurs in nine countries. Learn more about Wayne and his products and services at: www.infinitydirectmarketing.com

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