USB Electric Rechargeable Lighter Will Make Your Life Easier

USB Electric Rechargeable Lighter Will Make Your Life Easier

Using matches is completely outdated now. Everyone uses lighters as its trendy and easy to carry. But as majority is using gas lighter there is a big issue of gas refill. And also flame is always a danger. So I would highly recommend you to switch to something more innovative and mode, Electric Lighter. As its Flame-Free, Gas-Free so that makes it secure and easy to charge.

Now you will be asking from where you can buy such electric lighter. I recently came across a seller on amazon selling metal made electric lighter with very beautiful designe and useful features. Lighter are very modern and original due to its design and especially its functioning. A simple press of the small button in the center of the lighter and a high intensity electrical discharge (1000mW) is triggered between four electrodes allowing to light any type of cigarette in a few seconds even in open wind.

Here are some of the features these lighters are offering.


You can recharge it easily Without gas or gasoline in 1h 30 via the USB port of your computer or USB charger.

Simple Ignition:

A simple push of the small button is what is required for ignition.

Quality and innovative Designs :

This lighter is subject to strict quality control, and CE and RoHS certified. Product covered by a 24-month Satisfied or Reimbursed Guarantee. A surprising encounter between a high-performance technology and a modern and elegant design. Made of metal and its smooth surface and shiny color will surely attract you.

Secure :

As it has no flame means no risk of burning and without gas means no micro particles emanations dangerous for health. Also has a system that blocks the ignition when it is closed, thus securing unwanted ignitions.So there isn’t any kind of danger involved in the use of these lighters.

Rechargeable via USB
This electric lighter will allow you to carry out about 80 ignitions. These are enough for a few days for sure. But when you need a recharge its as simple as charging your cell phone. You can either use USB port of your computer of Car or charge through a charger.

So what are you waiting for order Now in just EUR 19. Currently they are delivering to Europe only. So if you are in Europe you can enjoy these electric lighter in this reasonable price.


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