Unleash Your Design Dreams with Hautetotes Etc

Unleash Your Design Dreams with Hautetotes Etc

Do you want to be a successful fashion designer? Or you have some nice ideas of creating new and innovative fashion related items i.e shoes, bags, dress etc. Definitely you will be confused at this level and would be thinking how to and where to start from? One problem of this fashion world is, nobody guides the new comers at all. Rather seniors taunt or make fun of even superb ideas of the new comers or juniors mostly. That makes it much more difficult for the new talent to make their way into this fashion industry.

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But now it seems this problem is going to be solved. Hautetotes Etc is here to make your design dream come true. If you got a design idea for a bag OR shoe or any other fashion related item. You can submit your idea to Hautetotes Etc with all your work on it. Hautetotes Etc team will go through it and if they will like the idea they will make your design a Reality and make them part of the HAUTE launch!

What exactly is Hautetotes Etc ?

Hautetotes Etc is an most innovative idea that has happened in fashion word. They are in pre-launch but and accepting ideas and designs from those who want to get recognized through their fashion related product. You could be world’s next famous accessory designer! They”ll make it happen.

What exactly falls under the accessory definition?

Any thing related to style and fashion, Whether it’s eco-chic, menswear inspired, or something that looks fresh off of Jimmy Choo’s desk, any new kind of bag, shoes or even something that’s been designed inspired of some renown brand.

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For all this Hautetotes Etc is the place to launch your design ideas. From ultra-glam to elegant, they review the design ideas dropped today and make them happen tomorrow. Hautetotes Etc is your platform, and it’s happening now.

How to contact them

You can either Email them at designers@hautetotesetc.com  or can visit their website www.hautetotesetc.com and in case you want to be regularly updated about the pre-launch happenings and the date of launch etc then you must LIKE there Facebook Page

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