Transylvanian Monk – Stylish and Durable Leather Bags And Accessories

Transylvanian Monk – Stylish and Durable Leather Bags And Accessories

Bag no matter in whatever form it is, become a need of every professional or out going person. Women in particular need handbag or purse to carry their belongings like cellphones,  jewelry, credit cards, currency, perfumes, makeup items etc. As all such things are usually very costly and important things so everyone desires a bag that’s made of solid and durable material so that their stuff is kept safely inside. None other material can be as durable and solid as leather. I recently came across a store on Etsy named “Transylvanian Monk”. They sell handmade or I would say handcrafted leather bags and other leather products. So if you are looking for a durable leather bag then this store is a perfect solution for you.


They have crafted a variety or leather bags and other leather products including leather bags, backpacks, saddlebags, satchels, purses, belts, notebook and laptop covers. Means literally you can have any kind of  leather bag or accessory to keep your belongings. They are handmade that’s the best thing about these leather products. That means each and every item has been given proper attentions in the process of making.

As far as style of their bags is concerned the style is perfect for both business meetings and even more formal occasions. Means protection and style are combined within a single bag. And the look is unique and different compare to those bags we see in shopping centers. Even their notebook covers are so graceful.

leather handbag

You must be thinking about the price. The price is reasonable and surely within your range. For complete display of their collection and to order your leather bag visit their their store.

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