Top 5 Trends in Saree Fashion

Top 5 Trends in Saree Fashion

Along with the evolution of the lengthy drape, the women themselves have undergone drastic transformation. Saree is timeless but its draping styles change constantly like any other fashion trend. This New Year 2014-15 brings forth new trends waving goodbye to the 2013-14 collection. The constantly evolving yet timeless saree is up for experimentation to describe the bold, beautiful and independent women of this era.

Top 5 latest trending fashionable sarees are

1. Designer Sarees

Double pallu saree started this year in 2015 itself and it is credited to Raakesh Agarwal’s creation which was flaunted by Aditi Rao Hydari. She wore it so beautifully that it became a sensation in Bollywood. The lower half of the saree is pleated and draped tightly the specialty of the style is the crossed double pallu that was worn over her shoulders.

It was then proved that you can turn even a simple single color saree into a sensation with classic double pallu style. It is the designers who set the trend. The latest designer sarees that have gripped the industry are; – Arpita Mehta’s couture that has embellished mirror work on them and Shehla Khan has created a princess like saree with a graceful lace work. These designer pieces have developed to be a new trend for the saree- lovers.

2. Neckline

Another forte of experimenting with the saree is the neckline of the blouse. What seems to be in vogue in the glamorous world of saree- fashion is the off-shoulder drape by Tarun Tahiliani. It accentuates the color bones and renders the illusion of a long neck. It is great for evening outs and models cum celebrities are making high fashion saree statement with this style. It looks sexier yet elegant at the same time.

The cocktail blouse designs is the new FAD! The black color party wear cocktail blouse embellished with crystallized glittering stone work around the neck followed by full sleeves is the favorite of 2013-2014 collection. We know these designs are meant to stay. The cocktail high neck blouse embellished with any sober color like white, off-white, red, purple etc is revamping the closet of Red carpet show stoppers.

3. Colors

Colors make a remarkable trend and this year saw the rise of new hues!-Neon colors distinctly mark the 2015 trends and like any other segment, neon colors are demanded in sarees too. The Indian beauty in saree – Deepika Padukone looked stunning in the neon vogue. This color has the designers create some new interesting designs using a neon-splash.

Another trending fashion colors on sarees is wearing all your favorite colors in one, if you can or cannot decide.

When in doubt wear all. The multi color saree can be appropriately worn in festivities. Most of the sarees designed by Masaba Gupta do not have one definite color. Madhuri Dixit looked such a stunner wearing multi colored saree.

4. Accessorizing

As small and insignificant an accessory may look, the effect when worn speaks volumes. These small extensions have the power to transform the entire get-up. Clothes without any accessory are like pizza with no cheese – Bland.

2013 heightened the accessory trend. Yogesh Choudhary designed a waist line belted-saree that accentuates curves. The inspiration of this might have been derived from the ‘kamarbandh’ but this invention took the ethnic saree to a whole new level. This attire, saree is always accessorized with earrings, neck pieces, bangles etc to bring forth the full grace of the saree. Handbags too have their own importance and have turned out to be a classic good style statement. Many designers have culminated to so many options to choose from. Clutches either highly embroidered or less adorned is a must. Since spikes are a new trend too, it can be paired with saree for a young elegant yet bold woman.

5. Fashionably Bold Trends
The onset of 2014-2015 fashion week sparked off with a big-bang and evolutionized draping fashion in India which spread its wings globally. Shantanu and Nikhil set the ethnic theme runway into sizzles with sarees that were paired with tights. The audience loved it and it is an ideal wear for cocktail parties. It renders comfort making one look ultra stylish. Shivan and Navesh’s pre- stitched saree is yet another 2014-2015 runway sensation. It is easy, sexy and accentuates the curve.

Gown-style draping of saree has been the most popular look on Indian ramp. This gives you gown-like look with ethnicity that of a saree. The saree is pleated normally and then the loose end of the saree has been pinned across the bosom.

Those are pretty bold trends in vogue. Wear it only if you can carry it off well. Low-confidence will not only make you look shabby but will also fail to ignite the volume of new fashion. Other than that, there is no stop for this evolving lengthy piece of draping since time immemorial.


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