Top 5 items you need in your closet

Top 5 items you need in your closet

Every fashionista knows that being up to date with the latest styles is something you live for but when  it comes to budget, well, you might just skip a few buys this season. Still, you can always create fashionable looks with basic pieces you have in your wardrobe. These pieces do not fade in time and with a little spice by adding the right accessories and shoes you will have an up to date look everyone will love.

To be sure you get what I am talking about, I will tell you which are the top 5 pieces you need to own if you do not have them by now.

The black jeans

How to wear the black jeans is something we think about when we first buy them, but after a few looks into our wardrobe we realize that basically almost everything fits  them perfectly and they are maybe the best buy in the closet. From simple T-shirts, silk or lace top with high heels or sneakers. They all look perfect together so should be a daily question anymore.

The leather skirt

A simple leather pencil skirt will be the black dress we all love to keep as the best back up piece. You can wear the skirt with fancy tops for super cool cocktail appropriate looks. Wear them with sport shirts and sneakers for an awesome mix you can get away with for a day out with the girls.


The grey cardigan

They grey cardigan will keep you warm when the cold weather kicks in. Boyfriend jeans, boots and loose tops will be the perfect mix for the season. Don’t forget about hats and warm scarves.

The parka coat

The parka is the cool coat we all adore. It keeps warm while maintaining that chic effortless look which can easily be achieved with basic pieces of clothing we own. A fur trim hoodie on this parka is the detail we need to look for this year.

The red dress

Because the black dress is something we all have, I picked the red dress as the new must have piece for this year. Pick a simple design that looks good with anything. A shift dress with a cool design that amplifies the body figure is the thing we love. Simple high heels and a small clutch for an elegant dinner party or corporate event.

You need to analyze your style and silhouette and go out to buy just the items that make you feel good about yourself.

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