Interview with IT Expert Sean Seshadr

Interview with IT Expert Sean Seshadr

Tech expert and Philadelphia native Sean Seshadri wears many hats. He an avid blogger, successful programmer and block chain expert with an experience that traverses various industries. His insightful blogs are popular with engineering and computer science students and scholars. Sean holds a Degree in Computer Science from the Central Washington University. He was at one time a teaching assistant in tech matters. During his teaching days, Sean offered technical expertise to students and is today a widely sought speaker of international repute.

The speaking act has seen him travel around the world to speak at various technology conferences. Prior to his teaching engagement, Sean served as a high school intern. His brief entailed egging young people to pursue promising careers and opportunities afforded by IT. Sean Seshadri is a frequent traveler, and has been to several countries in Europe and Asia. Seshadri is married and is a father of two children. The family owns two rescue dogs. For their hobby, the family often volunteers at the local animal shelter and enjoys adventure travel.

Would you kindly take this opportunity to introduce yourself to our readers?
I am a programmer, blogger and block chain expert. I developed an interest in programming at a young age. I knew the career would give me the power to write, update and troubleshoot software’s programs. Since I double up as a blogger, I usually discuss various issues, from block chain application and programming to trending tech topics. The career has high satisfaction, job security and offers telecommute opportunities. Before getting into the tech industry, I briefly worked in a summer internship. When I am out of work, I enjoy traveling and volunteering.

Who or what inspired you to get into IT industry?
I am very grateful about my mentor, a talented developer working in the biotech industry. She encouraged me to study computer science after spotting my interest in IT stuff and coding. It took me a while to realize that the IT industry and the programming niche in particular is a career opener to copious career paths, including aeronautics, healthcare and industrial testing and the like.

How much have you learnt from your education? What role does the learning experiments and experience herald in your life?
I have a computer science degree obtained from the prestigious Central Washington University. The major comprised several modules, including programming languages, software engineering and networking. The education and learning experience have been crucial in shaping my career path. I appreciate the fact that flow charts can be used to simplify everything. Secondly, programmable modules can be reused to hasten execution, thus saving time.

In what programs and tools you normally program?
Fine programming skills are crucial in software development as well as maintaining support. The programming tools basically translate human to computer language and make information easily accessible to humans. The most critical tools in my assessment are the interpreter and source code editor.

What is the best app you have created so far?
The whole process of creating Apps takes serious research, and involves identifying the audience, setting a budget and working within the appropriated timelines. I thoroughly enjoy developing Apps on the mobile platform since it is cost effective and promises quick deployment. I have developed several successful Apps targeting supply chain and inventory management. To monetize the apps, I often use native advertising, paid downloads, and In-App purchase.

You also run a tech blog. Tell us more about that?
To make my blogs compelling to the wider audience, I use analogies, simple writing style and expressive language. This style works effectively when providing insightful information. Clear communication means everything in business, more so when selling a product or service. Being a critical inbound marketing tool, I always make it a point to provide value upfront.

Have you set some goals to achieve?
Because of the fast changing landscape, developers are forced to study what’s out there before setting realistic goals. My goals are anchored on the principal of achieving smart, measurable and attainable goals. Along with my team, I am focused on unveiling technologies that will go a long way to enhance and transform research based industries like the biotech sector.

Is there something else you would like to tell with our readers?
Coding may not always be a straight up exercise as it appears due to the many intrinsic twists and turns. However, aspiring and seasoned programmers looking to succeed in the trade must know how to deliver on all the requirements listed in their scope of operation. To achieve these aims, developers must provide good quality codes that must be tested to ensure minimal bugs.

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