Top 5 Cosmetic Companies of 2018 for Flawless Makeup

Top 5 Cosmetic Companies of 2018 for Flawless Makeup

  1. Fenty Beauty

We’re somewhat one-sided with regards to Rihanna (in light of the fact that Rihanna), so when the 29-year-old vocalist uncovered Fenty Beauty a year ago, we had ludicrously elevated standards.

Be that as it may, with an astounding 40 establishment shades that take into account the lightest to the most profound, darkest compositions, and also including models of all sizes, ethnicities, and personalities, Rihanna has immediately settled Fenty as apparently a standout amongst the most comprehensive magnificence brands ever. Furthermore, the gratefully, the industry is presently going with the same pattern, which means 2018 might be the year we say farewell to 10-shade offerings of beige.

  1. Milk Makeup

Gone are the times of cosmetics being limited to a solitary sex standard—fortunately—and now marks like Milk Makeup are at the cutting edge of advancing excellence as a type of non-parallel articulation, as opposed to following along in the back.

A year ago, the brand discharged its Blur the Lines battle, which cast seven models of various sex personalities and sexual introductions to make a big appearance the brand’s mark holographic highlighters, shimmery, striking lips, and, obviously, its general renegade tasteful.

  1. Bad Medina Cosmetics

We’ve once shared an opinion about our adoration for Bad Medina Cosmetics, but we’re going to do it once more, in light of the fact that a brand that thinks outside the box of bland (read: lacking) shades for medium skin tones is one worth fixating on.

Bad Medina Cosmetics offers every one of the nuts and bolts you could require, including a line of super-pigmented eyeshadows, prepared becomes flushed, and velvety establishments, however the genuine draw is that every item has been detailed and tried to *truly* compliment medium tints.

  1. Glossier

One thing we can thank 2017 for is the body positive movement, which encouraged the world to show off stretch marks, ditch photo editing apps, and embrace bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Glossier, the Internet’s favorite low-key, minimalist skin-care and makeup line, is a beauty brand on the pulse of the movement, proving beauty doesn’t refer to one size with campaigns that feature real women with real bodies. Oh, and their sheer, cult-favorite makeup products don’t hurt, either.

  1. Form Beauty

Even though there is ~clearly~ no one-size-fits-all when it come to hair products, most haircare brands are still seriously lacking in their offerings for curls, as evident by the fact that a good majority of “for curly hair” shampoos are neither hydrating, nor gentle enough to actually benefit curly hair.

That’s where brands like Form come into play. With a range of cleansers, styling creams, curling gels, and heat serums, Form offers a slew of products that cater to your specific curl texture. Just take a survey about your current routine, preferred products, and hair aspirations, and Form will churn out a personalized regimen and care tips that will actually make your curls happy. Yes, this is the curl revolution.

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