Tips From Barker And Stonehouse Coupon Marketing. How Coupon Codes Can Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

Tips From Barker And Stonehouse Coupon Marketing. How Coupon Codes Can Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy


Though Barker and Stonehouse voucher codes are a new thing, coupons date back decades ago. Coupons were among the first marketing tools to be used to increase sales. Barker and Stonehouse is a UK supplier of modern and traditional furniture which uses coupons as one of their digital marketing strategies.

Online coupons have transformed over the years, and not just in their form but also functionality. Internet businesses, thanks to their adaptability in the new marketing era, have used coupon codes to build affiliate relationships and track customer patterns, aside from increasing sales.

How coupon marketing came to be

The term may have been coined in the 90s but coupon marketing came before this. The first coupons offering a money-off deal were issued in 1895 by C.W. Post, the cereal manufacturer. These were the first ever coupons of their kind to be issued in America; they were paper coupons.

Barker and Stonehouse promo codes. A way to invest in the customer

Barker and Stonehouse recognizes that coupons have the potential to increase sales. The coupons are a way to entice existing clients to brands that appeal to them. Such coupons are not used in isolation as other techniques, such as email marketing, are applied to bolster coupon marketing.

Coupons work best when they are focused on a single product or service. Coupon marketing should be planned in such a way so that it has a long term effect. Coupons should be all about developing a relationship with the customer, and not just to increase sales short term. Coupons should be seen as an investment. The coupon cost is justified if the customer comes back to shop for more products.

Online shoppers look for deals

That’s why web businesses just have to invest in coupon codes. Barker and Stonehouse, for instance, gets the best conversions from the “get discount coupon” tab which is prominent on the homepage. An email opt-in pops up once the coupon link is clicked and after filling in their info, clients receive Barker and Stone promotion code via email.

Measure marketing channels

Barker and Stonehouse use their coupons to measure their progress in marketing. With coupons, you can see who redeemed the coupons, and where the client found them. Such kind of tracking provides valuable information like what marketing vehicles are working, what ads are getting the most responses and the communication channels that clients are using the most. To keep track of all that, obviously, you just need to use different coupon codes for different marketing campaigns.

Using promo codes to add value

The grocery market in the UK relies heavily on coupon codes to attract new customers. There are shoppers who rely on coupons to save money. The same model can be applied to other products, such a Barker and Stonehouse’s furniture products. Discount coupons can be used in newsletters emailed to clients, or web pages where the client can access your service or product;

Back when there was no internet, you could only have paper coupons. However, things have changed and now coupons can be given out on any online front, be it Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and business websites.

Barker and Stonehouse coupon code tactics show that coupon marketing is basically leeway to become as creative as you can with your digital marketing strategy. Since consumers have all bought in to the online coupon craze, it is certain that coupons will boost your page visits and ultimately push up sales.

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