Where do we start with a person like Humberto Rosa. We could tell you that this future Academy Award winner is from that very cool country Brazil, or we could say that he is an international filmmaker who has so many projects under his belt that they are almost too numerous to mention in this space. Maybe we should stick with just giving you a taste of his resumé and we’ll move on from there.

Humberto is a serious filmmaker who is a world traveler, was raised in Brazil and lived in Ireland for some time to learn English and make films in English. He’s produced seven full-length feature films, including, Coming Through The Summer, A Festa, Invoked, North Circular Road, Sa Arrependimento Matasse, The Legend Of The Black Cat and  Dublando o Destino. He also produced 2 documentaries, 11 short films, 7 TV shows and directed 8 shorts, 6 TV shows, 1 documentary and 5 feature films. See what I mean about too many projects to talk about in this space?

Did we mention that Humberto is also an accomplished editor? Well, he is and he’s edited 7 shorts, 1 documentary, 2 full-length movies and 5 TV shows. That was a mouthful! And we’re not done yet. Humberto is also a writer. He’s written 5 short films, 5 TV shows, 2 features, and 1 documentary. Now we’re wondering if this very talented and established filmmaker ever gets tired – we’re getting tired just trying to tell you all the things that he’s done. But, wait…there’s more! Humberto also composed the music to 5 short films and 1 TV show and acted in 2 shorts, 1 TV show and played a character in a feature film.

You probably thought we were done but we’re not. This renaissance man was also the cinematographer on 1 feature film and 1 short film, and he did the special effects for another short. So, we have here, all rolled into one young, good-looking guy from South America, a vast amount of talent and knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking. Humberto is a rare breed and he continues to strive for even more knowledge in the quest for the perfection of his art of movie making and story telling.

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