Catherine Colle’s Journey From A Super Model To Business Woman

Catherine Colle’s Journey From A Super Model To Business Woman

Could you imagine a gorgeous former model could be a successful business woman? Probably not! But this is very well possible when we mention the name Catherine Colle . Brazilian, Japanese, Italian and German mixed, this girl used to be a professional model for Wunder Models in Hollywood Los Angeles. She has done campaigns for Toyota, Doritos and graced the pages of various magazines. Her exotic looks crowned her the title of Miss Miami Exotic Beauty in 2011. Usually this would be enough accomplishments for a regular gal, but not for Catherine Colle.

“ She was always thinking about the future and planning towards a bigger goal! “ Her mom tell us.

It’s not coincidence that the modeling world was boring to her because today she is the Vice President of one of the world’s largest Sports Nutrition company Midway Labs and she has created an incredible line of supplements totally designed for woman, Glamour Nutrition.
Let’s see a little bit more about this woman who has taken the concept of beauty and brains to a whole new level:


What made you change careers from modeling to business?

I have always loved business, I was pretty much born into it and my father used to take me to meetings and events ever since I was a baby. Modeling for me was not a career , it was simply a chance I took when I was invited to move to L.A, as my agency was supporting me into acting school, which was a subject that I always loved and was very helpful later on in my professional life because it helped me understand the psychology of communication.
I started working with my father in his business since I was 14 years old so I have always been a business woman, long before I modeled.
Usually business world must be very different than the modeling world. How do people react when you arrive at a meeting ?

Mostly surprised but they quickly realized that I’m very knowledgeable on my field and obviously I have a very good team behind me that supports me on my projects.

Is being overly pretty an advantage or disadvantage?

Both. It of course helps to get attention and be easily remembered but also makes other people jump to quick conclusions that you are not that smart based on pure prejudice. Overall I don’t think about it and just let my actions speak for itself.


How is a typical day in your life?

There’s no such thing as a “typical” day, I have no routine and sometimes we have several events happening on the same week which makes all that much crazier. This week was a perfect example, my company had 3 events and I was sleeping at 2am and waking up at 6am for various days!! It was very stressful but so much fun!
When there’s no events I usually wake up with a call or text early morning , I get ready, drink a shot of nespresso and go straight into doing priority emails or calls. We usually have several meetings throughout the day and I finish work at around 8:30pm, but there’s days that goes until 2am. It all depends on the quantity of emails I have to reply! I try to disconnect on the weekends but I confess I catch myself answering emails on my phone. It’s hard to disconnect when you are so passionate about what you do, it feels like there’s an endless source of energy that feeds your every move.
What do you do on your free time ?

I love to read books, It’s a way for me to relax and expand my mind.
I also love to spend time with family and my fiancé, go out to dinner, travel and work out.

Seems like business is your number one priority. How is your personal life affected by it?

Because my fiancé met me when I was already living this crazy busy life , he was aware of all my responsibilities and he never made it an issue. He knew I was busy and he was busy with his work as well, but we always make sure to see each other a lot.


What motivates you every day?

The project, the feeling of being united with so many other people through a brand and to bring to reality ideas that used to be only in my mind. It amazes me that other people like what I create and vice versa. I could love a product that somebody else that I don’t even know, created. It’s a form and a way to connect and spread the good energy. I also really look up to my father and all the hard work and self motivation he has!

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