The Ultimate Hair Tools & Accessories Guide

The Ultimate Hair Tools & Accessories Guide

Do you know how to use your hair tools and accessories properly? A proper use can prevent abuse to your natural hair. We recently found a very informative and helpful book on hair tools and accessories by hair and beauty specialist B. Clishea titled ‘The Ultimate Hair Tools & Accessories Guide’.

Talking about her book B.Clishea says, “Too many times I’ve encountered women ending up harming their hair because they do not have the right knowledge about the expansive range of hair tools that are out there! Every tool is different and not all of them will suit every type of hair. With this guide, I have tried to educate my readers in recognizing each tool and accessory and make use of the right ones for the right purpose!”

This 50+ page e-book stands to be a thorough guide which will help readers take better care of their hair. It covers a wide range of tools, like hair brushes, combs, dryers, steamers etc. along with hair accessories like hair pins, protective headgear for hair and more. It will truly be a great resource for men and women alike, who wish to take better care of their crowning glory by being aware of all that goes into it!

You can buy the book here.

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