I remember reading that the famous Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, who directed The Seven Samurai, among many more exciting films that became enormously international hits, started out as a film editor. In fact he physically edited many of the films he directed including the aforementioned The Seven Samurai. Some film critics have called him not only possibly the greatest film director in history but also the best editor. A lot of editors understand Kurosawa’s fascination with cutting films because they feel the same way. A movie’s story is properly told when the film is edited appropriately.

Adrian Morales Ramos knows this to be true because he is an editor who has worked on too many films to name in this piece. And his artistic sensibilities and skill at editing made sure each that every one those projects told its story properly. That takes a lot of patience along with an ability to see the big picture (no pun intended) and get the general feel of what the movie is trying to say. And that’s not to mention all the nuances that need to be shown through precise cutting, that is, decisive editing.

When Adrian edited the short film Meeting Gary, he took his time and made sure to give the film breathing room. He cut each scene to stand on its own and to also fit in the overall scheme of the story and the characters arc. The movie was about a boy’s dream of becoming a professional dancer while at the same time, his parents are completely ignoring him because they feel their problems are more important than loving their child. Questions come up in the film that move it forward, such as, will the boy ever get the parental love and attention he needs – from anyone? And will he be able to follow his dream of becoming a dancer?

Adrian took all of those things into consideration when he masterfully edited Meeting Gary. He helped piece the story together with perfectly timed cuts and transitions, and he let certain shots and scenes remain on the screen just long enough for the audience to empathize with the lead character and to see fully what he was going through emotionally. Adrian is an artist who will always have a job as a story teller through the medium of film and editing.

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