The Jewelry to Include in Your Capsule Wardrobe

The Jewelry to Include in Your Capsule Wardrobe

Having the right jewelry in your capsule wardrobe is a little like finding the perfect little black dress. Your jewelry collection doesn’t have to be overwhelming in size or even have a high retail value, but it does need to cover all of the bases. Since you can’t properly accessorize your wardrobe without the right jewelry, buying the perfect staple pieces at will ensure that you’re always looking sharp no matter where you’re headed. As you grow older, change styles or even head into a new career, your capsule jewelry collection will be there with you to help you ease through the transition.

Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

Some women literally feel naked without wearing a pair of cute earrings, and for good reason. Earrings frame the face, drawing attention to your best features. They can also accentuate your makeup, and they are complimentary to all hairstyles. If you need a pair of earrings you can swim in, go on a date, head into the office on a Saturday morning and go to bed in late Friday night, choose classic diamond studs. These earrings are a necessity in every woman’s capsule wardrobe as they add just the right amount of flair without being garish or overwhelming.

Fun, Flirty Bangles

Bracelets can highlight a well put together outfit, but they can sometimes be a pain to take on and off. Fastening the clasps requires time, and if you’re in a rush you might be forced to leave your bracelets tucked neatly in your jewelry box. By contrast, bangles give you freedom and save you valuable time when you’re getting dressed. Gold, silver, plastic – the choices of bangle style bracelets are unending. Stack them, mix and match them, or wear a single bangle on each wrist to add depth to your wardrobe. If you can’t be bothered to clasp and unclasp a different bracelet every day of the week, look at versatile bangles instead.

The Diamond Pendant Necklace

If you absolutely had to choose just a single piece of jewelry to wear for the rest of your days, the diamond pendant necklace is definitely it. Even though diamond pendant necklaces are understated, they capture elegance in a way that no other piece of jewelry can. You never have to take it off, and it will look stunning even if you choose to wear your diamond pendant along with other necklaces.  From young women to mature matriarchs, diamond pendant necklaces belong in the jewelry collections of women of all walks of life.

You may already own lots of jewelry, but if you don’t wear it, none of it belongs in your capsule wardrobe. No excuses or special occasions are necessary to wear the perfect pieces of jewelry that capture your personality, enhance your natural beauty and make every outfit that you wear stand out. Get a few staple pieces of jewelry that you can wear together or separately, and find out just how much more confident and chic you can look when you step outside your door each morning.

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