The It-Girl’s Guide to Shopping

The It-Girl’s Guide to Shopping

Simone Sato

There is no greater thrill than thrift shopping and finding a designer piece in the midst of rubbish and outdated clothes. Scoring a Bebe bomber, designer purse, or a luxury watch at a fraction of the cost is the greatest high for a fashionista. Simone Sato is a luxury consignment online boutique that makes shopping for designer wear less expensive with none of the hassle. Named after Owner and Creator, Simone Sato who had a love for fashion and a knack for making the right friends, this online luxury consignment boutique is in a tier all on its own. Unlike regular consignment boutiques, Simone Sato doesn’t get her luxury goods from your average rich person. She has the wonderful privilege to roam and play dress up in the closets of Hollywood royalty and their elite circle of entertainment friends.

With a range of brands from Chanel to Alexander McQueen, there is no telling what will be in the online boutique at any given time. For the person who loves great high-quality fashion but doesn’t want to break the bank, this is the website for you. Simone Sato believes that great fashion should come at a price, but not one that is so astronomical that you have to put your home up for a second mortgage, or eat ramen for the rest of your life to afford it. Here are a few reasons why buying consignment may be the way to go.

Unique Pieces That Have a History
With luxury consignment, you don’t know what type of designer finds you will unearth. The only difference between online consignment and consignment bought from a showroom or store is the convenience of purchasing the item from the comfort of your own home. You can easily get luxury wear with a click of a button.
One-of-a-kind pieces that may be on a waiting list, or no longer in reproduction can now be yours. However, when buying consignment online you have to be quick, due to no guarantees that any item will still be available at a later time. Since all these items are technically gently used or never been worn pieces from celebrities, each item has a unique history of how Sato obtained them for the online boutique. Who knows which celebrity’s clothes you will be sporting around your neighborhood.

Avoid High Costs
The best part about luxury consignment is getting top-notch designer wear at a fraction of the costs. No one wants to shell out a chunk of cash to obtain a Hermes or Chanel purse. As beautiful as fashion is, it isn’t always feasible to put a lot of money towards it due to all the other responsibilities and activities that we need to put our money towards. By buying consignment you can still get high-quality investment staple pieces, without breaking the bank.

With Simone Sato, you will never be disappointed with your purchases or the selections presented. To receive more information regarding this brand please visit,

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