Bursts of Color and High Fashion Pantsuits

Bursts of Color and High Fashion Pantsuits


Shohreh Rahmani’s high fashion designs are pieces of art! If you are looking for an every-day outfit, that also has elements of high fashion, you must check out Shohreh Rahmani’s garments. Her strength and determination for fashion is seen in every outfit she creates. Rahmani’s attention to detail is truly impeccable. The detail and construction in each and every piece is structured, but still has an edge of couture. Shohreh established her clothing house in 2006 and is bringing this high-end fashion to the Bay Area as well as to women around the world. Her avant-garde style combined with ready-to-wear fashions, are incredibly stunning. She is innovating fashion, and creating a line that women from all around the world will truly love! Her garments can be worn to the office, a party, or even a special evening dinner.

Shohreh Rahmani’s rose gold dress would be perfect for an elegant dinner or a night out on the town. This dress is also very high fashion and can be seen on all of the latest designer runways. Even though it is fall, wearing bright colors can still be implemented in your closet. The trend of color-blocking, which is a new up-and-coming trend for the new year, can be easily done with any one of Shohreh Rahmani’s garments. Mixing colors is very high fashion and using the color wheel to gain inspiration on which colors to mix is perfect.

The pantsuit is another garment that is very stylish for the upcoming year. The bright pink and orange fringe is stunning when paired with white or nude heels. This outfit is great for an office meeting but is also just right for a romantic evening with a special someone. Many people are hesitant to wear pantsuits because they believe these garments to be too stiff, and too corporate. However, Shohreh Rahmani’s elegant and colorful pantsuit makes wearing office garments fun and stylish!

With the election just right around the corner, no one is known more for her beautiful pantsuits than Hilary Clinton. You will be able to channel your inner Hilary Clinton by wearing Rahmani’s chic, classic, and luxurious pantsuits. All of Rahmani’s clothes will make you feel very comfortable and powerful. Her outfits portray a more conservative side and will bring out all your authoritative and witty qualities. The Shohreh Rahmani pantsuit is an absolute necessity in your closet for the end-of-the-year style, as well as a wonderful and fun look to have for the New Year.

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