The Inspiring Work of Olivier Bourgeais

The Inspiring Work of Olivier Bourgeais

Olivier Bourgeais

As the French say, “Qui vivra verra!”, this directly translates to He/She that lives, shall see. Olivier Bourgeais makes his country proud, by proving the truth of that very statement. His work is driven by passion. He has always had an interest in reinventing things, with a lust for creativity and an intense desire to push his abilities to their limits. He studied at the prestigious French Design School, L’Ecole Pivaut, in Nantes France. Upon completion he had earned a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design. This was the first step that allowed Olivier Bourgeais to take a step towards the world he wished to see.

Americans are often criticized for their lack of effort or rather bluntly, their laziness. Olivier Bourgeais shows us what can become of oneself if they have the drive and spirit to see and live life. After earning his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design, he began to work in the sports industry at a company named, Tecnifibre renowned for its high quality distribution of equipment to professional tennis athletes. Here Bourgeais’ hard work led him to design rackets, appeal and accessories for players at the highest levels in both tennis and squash. The direct fruit of his labor can be shown by this achievement. The passion he had shown for sports as well as design had come to fruition.

Always hungry for more in life, Olivier Bourgeais shows us that in life, one must never stand still and idle like a barren engine. We should continue improving ourselves and strive for more. An example of this is when he moved to Oceania to peruse different goals and gain experience in different fields. Upon doing so, an opportunity presented itself to work as an Art Director for a well-respected communication agency. This had a domino effect, which ushered him into the next phase of his life. By gaining experience in another field, he was able to transition into the fashion world and use his love of fashion and his knowledge to work at Serge Blanco, a Men’s fashion company based in Toulouse, France.

As time passed by, Olivier Bourgeais came to California to take his current position at Lifestyledesign as a Creative Director. He earned this position because of his entrepreneurial drive. Always an avid creator of designs for freelance work in his own design studio, he was noticed by Lifestyledesign and offered this tremendous opportunity. His spirit and determination to never be satisfied is something we can all learn from. To truly see what is around the next corner, one must live and embrace life. Olivier Bourgeais’ accomplishments certainly shows this and how we can also take the steps to do the same in our own lives.

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