The Best Tricks to Have a More Sophisticated Living Room

The Best Tricks to Have a More Sophisticated Living Room

We all have at one point or the other dreamt of living in a beautiful house that is spacious, and a sight to behold and envy. With the increasing popularity of modern architecture which is rapidly replacing the gaudy elegance of the renaissance and shifting interests towards minimalism, it is frankly not a very difficult task today to make your homes look sophisticated and awe inspiring. Moreover, it is not required to invest in expensive furniture and extravagant lightings to achieve the same. All you need is a little creativity and a sense of interiors to come up with aesthetically pleasing yet pocket friendly alternatives to make your room appear worth more than it actually is. So, here are a few ideas you can implement if you are planning to visually upgrade the worth of your living room.

Large Canvas

If you have a large empty wall in your living room that is taking away from the theme of sophistication, the best way to adorn it is with a huge canvas. Canvases are easy to find and cheap to buy provided you have a well-supplied thrift store near you. You will also get a lot of beautiful frames from these thrift stores without spending a lot of money for it. Now the painting in question is what ends up becoming exorbitant. However, the fun part about minimalistic modern art approach is that honestly anyone can create art. Keeping the color scheme of your living room in mind, splatter the canvas with varied shades of the color you want to transpire within the living room. You will get hundreds of design ideas online and they all are enormously simple to create, but with the right frame they look like they are worth a million dollars.


Fireplaces instantly upgrade the sophistication value of your living room by several notches. However, remember that a fireplace should be considered if and only if you have a spacious living room, else it might look cluttered and overboard. Revamp your fireplace with a rustic look. Bring back some of the raw wood into the heart of your glass and concrete abode to give it the essence of the heart- a cozy corner of warmth and love. Moreover, it is not even difficult to create the illusion of an expensive frame for your fireplace. Just get hold of the best splitting axe and start chopping off some wood. Keep the measurements in mind and frame your fireplace. You will attain sophistication in a matter of seconds.


Bring in as much texture as possible within your living room. It can do wonders to upgrade the aesthetics of your space without you having to do much. Do not be afraid to experiment with patterns and faux fur, wool and cotton tapestry on your floors and walls. Textures very beautifully give off the impression of an expensive choice since it keeps you visually engaged.

While trying to achieve an expensive look, remember less is more. By engaging in the simplest of changes, you can indeed make your living room a realm of sophistication.

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