All You Need To Know About Epilators

Epilators are compact hair-removal devices that work like tweezers but cover a much larger surface area with each rotation.

As laser hair reduction is an expensive and time-consuming process, not every woman can get it done, even if she is desperate to get rid of her body hair permanently. That’s the reason epilators, waxing and hair-removal creams are still popular among the majority of women worldwide.

Waxing, however, is not without its drawbacks—one of which is unbearable pain if you have substantial hair growth. In addition, waxing removes not only the hair, but also the top layer of the skin, leaving it exposed and prone to rashes and infections. Epilation scores over waxing and hair-removal products in two areas: an epilator can be used anywhere, anytime, and the process is not at all messy. All you need is just the device itself, unlike for waxing and depilatory creams where you need access to power, water and a host of accessories. Moreover, epilation lasts longer than other hair-removal methods.

Here are the five basics you must know before buying an epilator:

  • When it comes to choosing the best epilators, battery-operated models have certain advantages. You can carry one in your bag and use it on the run, wherever you are. The corded ones will last longer (i.e., there are no batteries to be replaced); however, they cannot be used on wet skin for risk of electric shock.


  • Epilators are of three types: rotating wire epilators that pluck out hair by first trapping them in springs; rotating disc epilators, which use discs in place of springs; and tweezing epilators, affixed with tiny plates whose synchronized movement causes hair to be pulled out.


  • When used on dry skin, epilators can cause some pain—that’s the reason wet epilators are all the rage these days, as using one in water seems to be less painful. Some users, however, prefer dry epilation as they believe it gives better results. If you prefer to wet your skin before epilating, buy a waterproof, battery-operated model. It might cost you a little more than corded, dry-use epilators, but the extra spend would be worth it if you want less pain.


  • Women know that epilation can be painful, but epilators continue to be popular because of the ease and no-mess experience they offer. If the perceived pain is a put-off for you, perhaps what you can do is invest in a good-quality wet epilator for situations where you don’t have access to (or time for) waxing or applying depilatory cream or gel.


  • The areas of the body where an epilator can be used effortlessly differ for each woman. Some women find it painful to use in sensitive areas such as armpits or upper thighs; other swear by the sheer convenience of epilating underarm hair. We recommend that you invest in an epilator that comes with multiple attachments, each suitable for certain areas of the body, as the regular, single-head epilator is an apt to be used on the smaller, sensitive areas.


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