Have you ever been to Korea?
Well, me neither until about a few months ago when I also found out about the FACE DENTAL CLINIC in Seoul, the beautiful capital that is so popular for its beauty products and Gangnam Style.

Let me tell you the whole story. I had the controversial Double Jaw Surgery Procedure in Switzerland with one of the most famous doctors in this field. And it went terribly wrong. I wouldn’t say it all went wrong ( I paid a hellish amount of money to get it done, so he better did something right), but I worked as a model and singer and had to put my career on hold due to incredible pain I had to endure for almost 4 years. Not to mention that the clinic in Switzerland sold me as many procedures as they could as they noticed my increasing insecurity about my saggy jawline, but also as soon as I faced problems I was left there being told that I had caused the problems to myself by putting filler in my jaw 10 years ago. As I mentioned I am a model and wanted a sharper jaw, so I used lasting Fillers (Bioalcamid). The problem after they dissolved was that the skin around my jaw had changed and was very uneven, thick and saggy/stretched. So the Swiss doctor recommended Double Jaw Surgery (and a few more procedures). I trusted him and gave in.
I went from clinic to clinic to find out about the issue but was mostly ridiculed as a vain person who did it to herself and most doctors didn’t want to have anything to do with the case.
It was a seriously disturbing experience and I also looked so overdone from all the surgeries this doctor recommended that I faced the tragedy of people not wanting to be photographed with me because of the overdone Plastic Surgery look. Men told me”You know, you would be really beautiful if you wouldn’t have so much done!” You have to imagine the psychological and physical pain together and maybe you realise how devastating this can be after being one of the prettiest women wherever you go.

So I turned my back at Western Society when it comes to Plastic Surgery. I realised most Beauty Doctors were completely delusional and trying to achieve a look that doesn’t even exist in reality.

When I moved to Asia, I gave it a last try and researched doctors in Seoul/Korea which is famous for these kind of procedures. I researched a lot of clinics and visited about a dozen.

Then I stumbled upon Facedental. They did X-Rays on my case and found 3cm screws inside my jaw where the main pain was. None of the other doctors had ever addressed the issue. They also mentioned I had way too many screws in my jaw and they were too big and long. Dr Lee was very kind and patient and immediately responds to his patients. Many clinics don’t respond to foreigners unless you become a bit pushy and follow up with what you want to get done immediately.
Dr Lee offered to remove the screws and check if he could shave off some of the Medpor Implants that I had in my Jaw to define the Jawline. The price was very reasonable compared to other clinics I visited and he also does the surgery himself. There is the danger of shadow doctors in Korea, so beware of the big supermarket like clinics that only see the dollar signs in patients.
The surgery was scheduled only a few days later. I was in horrible pain a few days before and decided to get it done asap. After 4 years the screws had bone overgrowth and it was very had to remove them. Dr Lee was very careful and left a few screws that were necessary to hold my implants. He shaved off a huge part of Medpor (most doctors do not do that) and realised that the implant was placed too close to my Facial Nerve.

Pictures of the huge screws removed from my jaw

After waking up I felt really sick and extremely depressed. I went home and started crying for no reason. I just couldn’t believe I had done this to myself and had to have another surgery, but I was hopeful. I think the overall quality of surgery is better in Korea, but the first 2 days recovery process is far worse for some reason. But you recover much quicker…

However, the aftercare at Facedental was incredibly good and I was always able to contact Dr Lee (altough we had holidays), his response never took more than half a day.

As I said I have researched so many clinics and think this is by far the most professional one for functionality and aesthetical purposes without all the fuzz clinics like View and Regen create with paid celebrity press.

Other good clinics for foreigners are

JW Plastic Surgery – beautiful outcomes in rejuvenation (most wealthy foreigners come here)
Top Class – great prices and aftercare for PRP for all sorts of procedures and they have a lot of procedures
The girls who work there look gorgeous
ME – PRP, Botox, Fillers
GNG – Nose Jobs

Regen View (they don’t seem to like foreigners at all)
Grand Opera (incredibly unfriendly staff)
EU Dental

Well, what can I say but for the first time, I am almost pain-free after 4 years. I started to sing again. I will stop taking anti-depressants that I needed to oppress the trauma that I went through.
I would highly recommend this clinic and have added the website, my X-Rays and the contact number of the clinic. You can find the contact of Dr Lee on the website. Please only contact him with serious requests out of respect.
I will get back there next year and get the implants removed, which might resolve the tightness that I still experience, but I am definitely pain-free now. It was a life changing experience.

Here are the Facedental contact details in case you want to keep in touch with them

Facedental Phone number
+82 2 515 3114

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