Ten Of The Most Useful Dating Tips For Men

Ten Of The Most Useful Dating Tips For Men

dating advice for men

It is another Friday night and you are standing in a bar with a group of guy friends feeling a bit sorry for yourself. You ask yourself, why can’t you be that guy across the room seated closely beside a gorgeous lady? Why does this Friday night have to be another long drawn out night with the guys talking about cars, sports, gadgets, and other boring topics? Isn’t it about time you score a hot date for yourself too? If you feel like you are more than ready to muster up enough courage to ask your hot colleague out on a date, make sure that you are fully prepared.

By now I’m sure you have read plenty of articles on how to meet women and the best ways to impress them to get a girlfriend with little or no success. It’s that your pathetic

Here are the top ten dating tips for men that you need to follow by heart:

1.) Always make the date about her. When you ask a woman out on a date, you are automatically telling her that you are interested in getting to know her. Make the date all about her. Ask her questions about her interests, her passion, her background, her job, her family and her friends. Although it is understood that you would want to impress her, this is not the time for you to boast about your own achievements at work or in sports. Do not hog the conversation. Remember that women are suckers for guys who can carry out a good conversation. Make witty responses to her answers but never take this date, especially if it is a first date, to brag about your own accomplishments.

3.) Plan the date out so you don’t end up taking her shopping or something.

Wouldn’t it be a nightmare if you arrive at the restaurant that you planned on taking your date only to find out that they are fully booked for the night? This is the reason why you need to plan out your evening way ahead of time. Always make reservations because you never know when the restaurant is jam-packed. On the days leading up to date night, picture out in your head the flow of events. Pick her up, dine at the restaurant of her choice, have coffee or dessert at a nearby café, go strolling along the beach, then drive her back home. Always have a plan. Impromptu dates may be exciting but that almost always fails especially if it is a first date.

Dating advice for men

4.) Be a gentleman but not a suck up.

If you sense that she is being really critical of you on the date. Stop trying to impress her. Still open doors for her and be respectful but you may want to ask a few simple questions to get her thinking, like “if we start a relationship are you going to get fat?” this can have two outcomes she will either stop being critical and snippy and the date will start going better or she will get really nasty. If it’s the latter you know you don’t want to waste your time on a second date with her because if you put up with it now eventually bitchy will be her only mood.

4.) Listen to her.

Many years ago, tip number four probably wouldn’t even have made it to this list of top dating advice for men. In this day and age of technology however, people have become so attached to their gadgets that they sometimes forget to make conversation even when they are out on dates. You have to be attentive to your date and the easiest way to do this is by keeping your phone in your pocket the entire time. Put it on silent mode if you must because this date, as mentioned in tip number one, is all about her. Yes, you want to post a photo of the fancy food that you ate and you want to tell the world that you are dining in this expensive restaurant. But now is not the time to be tinkering with your phone or your tablet. Not when there is a beautiful lady sitting across you.

5.) Dress nice

Dress nice but comfortable, if you are comfortable in jeans and a casual shirt, they are fine just make sure they are nice and clean and maybe make sure you take her to a sports bar or something appropriate. and let her know what the proper attire is for the evening.

6.) Be prepared to pay for the night.

Even if your date insists that she splits the bill with you, do everything in your power to make sure that you foot the bill tonight. You were the one who invited her out after all. She should not be shelling out any of her hard earned money. Not tonight.

7.) Be confident but not cocky.

There is a very thin line between confidence and cockiness and walking that thin line can be a little bit tricky. Be confident in the sense that you are in control of the night because it means that you planned everything out ahead of time. Be confident in your actions like standing tall and erect. Just make sure to be careful about making snide remarks or little side comments that you think sound witty but are actually bordering on rude. There is nothing more unattractive than a cocky date.

8.) Always be on time.

As a guy we have always been expected to be on time and it just comes naturally to us. Women have been conditioned to expect that from men. But it is a bit of a double standard if you show up on time and she is not ready this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you and you shouldn’t get all bent out of shape let her finish getting ready and be cool about it because you don’t want to take her out with only half her hair done or her makeup all messed up. Get used to it sparky you will be waiting on women a lot!

9.) Have fun.

The dating game is supposed to be fun and exciting. Yes, there is that pressure to impress your date but it is also important for you to let loose and have fun. Treat this night as another opportunity for you to gain a new friend and not just a way for you to end up in a relationship with your date.

10.) Follow up.

Whether you had a great time or not, thank your date for spending time with you either via phone call or text. Are you raring for a second date? Ask her politely but do not be too pushy. Talk about an interesting new restaurant that you would want to try yourself and see if you could seal the deal for date number two.

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