Real, Live Celebrity Interviews in an Open Forum

Real, Live Celebrity Interviews in an Open Forum

We have all seen celebrity interviews on television, or in the newspaper, or on the internet. This is especially true with the Golden Globe Awards so recently splashing throughout the headlines. How many of us have actually been a part of a real, live discussion with a celebrity, though? Besides providing a real-time flood of photos and news about our favorite celebrities, Hollywood and otherwise, today’s social media connections have also enabled us to virtually attend and even participate in celebrity interviews in an open forum.

Interesting, innovative, and active forums not only draw followers in, but they also attract some of the greatest minds, including those of celebrities! Have you ever watched a celebrity instant message to their deep-thinking buddies? Here is your chance. Intrigued? The amount of creativity that has been infused into online open forums has allowed them to evolve into interesting social media sites of their own. Prospective participants can register for the sites to be granted the opportunity to participate. Registration is typically free and meant to attract the dedicated discussers, as opposed to those who would pollute the discussion quality pool. When you register, you become part of an intellectual, humorous, and creative community, eager to share opinions, and meet new critical thinkers who will hear what you have to say.

In addition to talking with celebrities, some discussions may also be related to celebrities or how actors and hopefuls like us otherwise interact with them (when given the opportunity). If you have an admitted passion for famous people, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that many of them are more than just gorgeous smiles and fabulous fashion and devious drama. These folks can also be extremely interesting to hear from outside of their natural celebrated habitats. The online social discussions allow the stars to shine in a new light in not-so-formal interviews, speaking about topics that they are interested in and on issues that they are passionate about. Though you will most likely be looking at a static image of them in the online discussion setting, don’t be fooled into wishing you had an animated one – you will have no time to be distracted from the rapid “instant message” exchange of the texted interview occurring on your screen! Plus, you will want to be focused so you can add your own comments and questions to the conversation. Those pieces of input that are liked enough by the readers attending the discussion can be promoted and featured in the interview itself!

With the advent of online discussion forums and the blindingly popular social and marketing platform offered by today’s social media sites, we should expect to be seeing more and more instances of celebrity interviews in an open forum. So, do not miss out on an opportunity – post yourself on your favorite online discussion forum and keep an eye out for your most coveted celebrities – global, national or local – and what they have to say for themselves.


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